• Nightly Roundup #104

    I'm surprised there isn't a fic about this yet.  Poor deluded Rarity.

    Have some news!

    The Devil's Panties Comic

    Yep, another

    Northern Ireland Facebook Movie Theater Marathon

    Someone over in Ireland is planning on renting a theater screen for a day and doing a full marathon of season one. If you want to help out, hit up the page for it here!

    (I didn't know emails could embed flash and ridiculous looking background templates, please don't send me emails with flash and ridiculous looking background templates)

    Ponified Music!

    Rainbow Dash and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

    "How You Became a Brony" Project

    Someone on Youtube is compiling videos of people telling the stories of their eventually downfall into ponydom. Check out the video below if you are interested in contributing yours!

    Ponybrook University Chalk Pony Article

    It looks like ponies have taken over Stonybrook. Chalk ponies are slowly popping up on walls and circle...thingys everywhere. Check out the article about it here!

    720p Return of Harmony Color Correction on Youtube

    For those with the Youtube download, you may have noticed that the colors are a bit faded. Someone has run the episode through all sorts of crazy programs I don't know anything about and come out with this!

    Rarity Hair Kits

    OtakuSquirrel on Deviant Art is selling kits that use SUPRAMOLDA technology for the brushable Rarity that converts her into a 50% cooler molded Rarity.

    My Little Meme section in Scotland University Magazine

    We really are taking over the world aren't we?

    Toys R' Us 25% off My Little Pony Stuff in the UK

    This is only in the UK unfortunately!

    Brony Meetups


    Huge lack of pony shirts right there!

    Georgia Tech (Email [email protected] to join)

    Giggle At the Ghosties in German

    It beats the dutch one!

    Acrylic Derpy
    Fluttershy Custom
    Gummy Custom
    Opal Custom
    Lyra and BonBon
    Fluttershy Painting
    Octavia Custom
    Fluttershy Custom
    Discord Dash Custom
    Scratch Plushie / It spins
    Crochet Pony Plushie
    Dash mid flight
    Applejack Sitting without her hat
    Seth slowly losing his mind from all these ebay emails

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