• Baldur's Gate Pony Mod

    A while back, a certain image popped up that got a few people excited for a pony mod in Baldurs Gate.  While it may be a bit too difficult to hack in some actual pony sprites, someone has thrown together a pack that adds a full part with portraits/sound effects/ color combinations added in human form.   

    It works for most of the infinity engine games, including:

    Baldurs Gate 1
    Baldurs Gate Tutu
    Baldurs Gate 2
    Icewind Dale
    Icewind Dale 2

    Check out the page for them here for more information.


    1. now to find the mod to make it easier and I might actually play it someday. <.<

    2. Baldurs Gate + x = win
      ponies + x = win

      Baldurs Gate + ponies = EPIC WIN.

    3. Awesome! ^^

      Irenicus: "Friendship.... Is magic"

    4. =| It might be cause I downloaded it from GOG, but I can't get it to work.

    5. Now I have to dig out my old BG disks...hmmm...

    6. Neat! Might check that out the next time I play BG.

    7. oh my. i loved BG and it's spin offs back in the day! oh dear, and here i am with far too much to do.

      oh ... oh ... oh ... what to do?

    8. This is ridiculous and that modder should feel ridiculous.

      ... /r/ing gameplay videos.

    9. @ wackyteen

      Downloading but i have BG 2 from GOG, the mod wont work then you say?

    10. The drawings...... kiiiiinda look... Ugly.

    11. Beyond awesome. Pitty I don't think I have the game though, they really need to re-release it in a big ol collectors set.

    12. I have been meaning to replay Icewind Dale...

    13. @DoctorWhooves

      Worked perfectly fine for me with the GOG version of BG2. Just follow the instructions in the readme.

      This is a really cool mod, my only complaint is that you can still hear the background audio from the show in the character's audio clips. Obviously there's no easy fix for that one, but there you have it.

      Anyways, thank you very much to the author! You gave me a good reason to pick up BG2 again.

    14. Well, I only have BG1 downloaded at this time, I can't remember if I bought BG2...

    15. I'm torn. On one hand, BG is one of my all time favorite games, but on the other, I detest humanized ponies.

    16. I can still remember wasting so many hours on my cousin's computer playing Baldur's Gate when I was 8. I had a good time back then. Now I can relive my childhood with the added awesomeness of ponies.

      I don't mind humanized ponies and for something like this, it would be so much easier to rework some human sprites than it would be to make brand new pony sprites for an engine that hasn't upgraded in nearly a decade.

    17. I wonder how Twilight Sparkly ended up being drawn commonly with darker skin in humanised-pony fan art.

    18. Yeah, just following the instructions works pretty fine.

      thanks to the author for this, just sad i cant get it for Throne of Bhall ,only one of them as me ,oh well

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    20. Now my life is complete. Time to replay BG saga!

    21. Glad you guys like my little "mod"!

      It started out as just an amusing pony voice set I made for a friend. Then I got a little carried away... :D I've been wanting to do something like this since I saw "Dragonshy" though. Sorry about the background noise on the voice sets, but it was the best I could do...

      If you don't like my humanized pony art, you can always replace the portrait .bmp files with whatever images you want. ;)

    22. Ok I tested it and it's great! I especially like the sounds, they fit perfectly. And now, back to BG :D. Ponies + BG = best thing ever.

    23. So.. are they the classes I suggested in that D&D pony thread on Ponychan a while back?

      Twilight Sparkle - Generalist Wizard (of course)
      Applejack - Paladin OR Monk (element of HONESTY!)
      Rainbow Dash - Rogue / Barbarian (since she's both fast and reckless)
      Pinkie Pie - Bard
      Rarity - Cleric of Celestia; Nobility, Aritifice domains (not possible in BG/IWD but those are the domains she'd choose! Artifice even has a 'make stuff out of cloth with telekinesis spell'!)
      Fluttershy - Ranger/Druid (animal empathy you say?)

      Of course, I'm gonna download this and check it out, just typing the above since that's how I'd envision the ponies if they were D&D adventurers. Now where'd I put that IWD2 CD...

    24. @aramaru

      Pinkie isn't a bard, silly---she's a wild mage with a neverending supply of reckless dweomers!

      The rest is golden, though. :)

    25. Those are very close to the classes I chose...

      Twilight = Wizard/Mage (Conjurer in BG2)
      Applejack = Paladin (Cavalier in BG2)
      Fluttershy = Druid (Totemic Druid in BG2)
      Pinkie Pie = Bard (Jester in BG2)
      Rarity = Sorcerer (Mage/Thief in IWD)
      Rainbow Dash = Fighter/Thief (Just Fighter in IWD, and Rogue in IWD2 with the suggestion to multi-class her to Fighter or Barbarian as soon as possible)

      Of course, you're free to re-make or modify the party if you so desire. :) The portraits and voice sets are available for any character.

      The voice sets are the real highlight of the mod. I tried to make the line choices as funny as possible. I won't spoil them here though. :P

    26. whats weird especially: Tara Strong did a voice in Icewind Dale.

    27. Go for the eyes, Angel! Go for the eyes!

    28. oh great, i learn about this AFTER i finish playing through my nastalgia marathon.

    29. As mentioned, if you want to buy the Infinity Engine games, go to GOG.com. I bought my copies there, because I completely missed out on these games when they were new. (Combination of being young and not being a PC gamer in the 90s.) Haven't fully played, but I have messed around with them... need to start again.

    30. and now... If only we had Pony mounts in World of Warcraft...

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    32. @wackyteen Oh thank GOD. I thought it was just me.

      My 'find the numbers that make the numbers bigger numbers' powergamer buddies fawn over that series and I got stuck in BG2's first dungeon. I'm not saying I'm good with RPGs, but I'm not THAT freaking bad, either.

      Now, on the other end of the combat difficulty spectrum: Does it work with/is there a pony mod for Planescape: Torment?

    33. Sweet Zombie Jesus, YES!

      >Digs up my BG2 install disks
      >MFW looking at my EqNaPoWriMo entry that is woefully behind schedule



      Also, only because no one beat me to it...

      Confound these ponies, they drive me to gather my party before venturing forth.

    34. Can some one help me? I tried to install the add ons to icewind dale and it didnt work. I followed the instructions but nothing, do I need to have baldurs gate as well as icewind dale? any help would be appreciated and you can e-mail me directly at kamenrider.tiki@gmail.com

    35. Hey, update. GOG's doing a huge promo sale on DnD games this weekend, including all Infinity Engine games! (For those of you who don't own them, or lost your copies.)

    36. This is awesome. However, I will never forgive you for making me restart AGAIN! I will never finish these games at this rate..