• Story: Revalatory Filly Skydance (Update- Act II)

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    Author: Gabriel LaVedier
    Description: A play, seen through the eyes of the audience; and a transparent parody of Revolutionary Girl Utena. At Horsetari Academy, Skydance the pegasus and Country Roads the earth pony have a fairly standard school experience. Then Skydance meets the enigmatic Daisy Dreams and the world turns upside down.

    Revalatory Filly Skydance Act One: The Stargazer Saga

    Description: The curtain rises again on a tale of confusion, passion, desire and finding a place in the world. Skydance has defeated the full Student Council and holds the Lily Friend tightly. But forces are moving against her, dark forces. And what is revealed may be more than she can bear...

    Revalatory Filly Skydance Act Two: The Calla Saga

    Additional Tags: Acting, Utena Parody, Learning, Experiencing, The Play's the thing

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