• Nightly Roundup #106

    It's technically Cereal/Phoe's blog for the next few days. I scheduled some stuff up, and will hop on when I get free time during BroNYCon, but for the most part they are handing the email load. Don't be too crazy on them!

    Just a reminder, since this is pretty critical if you want your stuff posted:

    Please send everything to [email protected]. I will be checking both my normal email, and that one, but [email protected] will be much slower. Unless you need me specifically for something, [email protected] is where it goes.

    On to the nightly roundup!

    ([email protected])

    Drunken FIM Steam Group

    Some dudes get togeather on Saturday and play MLP Drinking games on steam, hit them up here!

    Ponies invade Estonia

    Sadly I can't read any of this, but apparently the small European Nation has a news agency covering the brony craze. Check it out here!

    I'm Milly Drops Brony Reference

    I don't really get the doll thing, but hey it dropped a pony reference.

    Celestia Medium Redux 1.5

    Another update to Celestia Medium is out, hit up the download for it if you need latin characters!

    WoW Guild Part 2

    I forgot the image last night so they are making me post it again! woops!

    Guild: Friendship is Magic (Level 16)
    Server: Arathor
    Faction: Alliance
    Ponies to Contact in game: Vinylscratch, Bastiat, Parasprite, Rainbowcräsh, Friedman

    All ponies are accepted, officers are frequently on, and there is always a shoulder to lean on.
    Raid Times (Currently) Thurs 5-8pm server, Sat 5-8pm
    Website http://mlpfim.freesmfhosting.com/
    Mumble Server Provided

    Pony Art Competition Seeks More!

    A deviant art group is looking for more for an "Elements of Discord" art competition where players are given missions/side challeges to compete for prizes and the overall goal of forwarding an overall storyline. Check out the page for it if you want to join!

    Rhode Island Brony Meetup

    A few people in Rhode Island are meetup up on October 2nd. Check out their page for it if you are interested in joining! 

    NC Brony Meetup Report

    Another successful meetup! They also have a photobucket for their adventures at Target, and a few other things too if you are interested in experiencing the gathering through imagery!

    Yah that was corny.

    Rarity Cake

    The second best pony (This week at least).

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Star Wars Pony Shirt
    Derpy Shirt

    See you all at BroNYCon!