• Story: The Girl of His Dreams

    [Sad][Shipping] Y'know, I've had nightmares about mustaches. I can totally relate, Spike.


    Night after night of bad dreams keeps Spike from getting some much-needed sleep. When Twilight's attempt to help fails, the young dragon unwittingly turns to his beloved Rarity. A night alone with his crush seems like a dream come true, but what chance does a baby dragon really have with the perfect unicorn?

    The Girl of His Dreams

    Additional Tags: Spike grows up a little


    1. The only ship that makes sense! Sounds good, but we'll see.

    2. Pony + Dragon makes sense? Man....

    3. My little writers! They're growing up so fast, getting EqD posts! This makes me much more proud than it should.

    4. We have to go deeper...

      Sorry couldn't resist ^^;

    5. I really enjoyed this one... Just a couple of mistakes throughout but nothing that could steal the feel in the fic. I loved it. 5/5 from me

    6. That was quite an interesting story.

      However, I have an alternative interpretation of the story.

      Remember, Twilight put him to sleep using a hypnosis spell? What if she had actually put suggestions into his mind while under hypnosis that caused him to have those dreams? From the story seems to indicate, the dream was quite realistic; in fact so realistic that Spike reminded himself that he's not dreaming, and I don't really think that someone that was simply dreaming naturally would ever stop to think that.

      Anyway, just a fan theory. Just thought you'd find it interesting.

    7. Mostly posting here because I get the reference, author.

      Don't really want to read something with [sad] and [shipping] and nothing else, though, so that's the end of my thoughts.


    8. What Desert Rose said. I would not be adverse to a continuation of this, perhaps that it could expand just a little bit more.

      Reminds me of the episode of Futurama where Fry is stung by the giant space wasp and Leela thinks he's dead, but in reality because the stinger went through him entirely all the venom got injected into Leela's system, and she was the one hallucinating.

      Good stuff.

    9. @banjo2E
      Good to see another Tales fan! And I get your reference too, great game!
      (Of course it's more obvious)

    10. @XTUX345
      Good theory. I left it kind of vague for the specific purpose of inviting such speculation, so thanks for playing along!

    11. There are a lot of fics that deserve more attention than they should be given, and there are a lot of fics that don't nearly get enough attention as they should. This, is one of the latter.

    12. Yaaaay! A Spike story.


      Hmmmm . . . not bad. Feels almost like an episode. The only thing I would do is play up Twilight's treatment of Spike like he's a baby a bit more.

    13. Good story Sergio! I think it was a very good short story with a well delivered moral lesson!

    14. I don't think that this story is so sad at all,
      he made some kind of progress and grew up a little bit and no tear was shed.

      I think that he isn't a kid anymore for pony standarts, maybe for a dragon but he is smart and cultivated (to some degree *cough* eating baked bads out of trash *cough*) , but still carries that childish innocence, well at least thats how I think about him.

    15. @InkyPie, his own dreams. He can think himself cultivated if he wants!

      @Anonymous, anymore and it may very well be too obvious. I like the level of subtlety used with it.

      Fuck yes.
      This Spike is best Spike. Better than canon Spike. Little bit more thoughtful, not going to tell Pinkie Pie that nobody likes her parties and with more attention and character development to make for a better straight man -only man- and more interesting fellow. I love this sort of Spike because of the aloof and ridiculous nature of every other character -very much including Twilight who is supposed to be the acting straight character but just isn't as straight as Spike. It feels so damned right. Give me more pl0x.

    16. Don't you think Spike and Rarity should actually get together in the show. I think it would be cool but some people don't like the idea who's with me that they should get together?

    17. To be honest, it ended WAY too quickly, and not in the "ZOMG UPDATE SOOOON!!!" kind of way. However, everything besides that ending was great, and we really need to see more Spike Rarity fics, because, as Anon said, it really is the only pairing that makes sense.