• Nightly Roundup #54

    I wonder if we will ever see Pinkie Pie's sisters in season two?

    Did they ever escape the rock farm?

    Anyway, have some news!

    MLP Reddit Page Raided by Parasprites+Contest!

    The MLP Reddit page is currently under invasion by a swarm of angry parasprites.  The only way to deal with this is to... give stuff out!  They currently have a contest going on for one of those stencils I posted earlier, involving the creation of a Zecora rhyme! 

    You can find more information here!

    Webcomic Posting Ponies!

    Yep, another! Have some Geeksnext.

    iOS Pony Soundboard

    Someone over on ponychan is looking for suggestions on his iOS sound board. You can find the thread for it here!

    Ponies on Kotaku...again!

    Is this even news anymore? Anyway, Kotaku threw a Rarity up as the header image for an article on some crazy person demanding a company that sells virtual horse food to cut off supply so everyone's virtual horses die of starvation. Yes, this does actually happen. I'm amazed too.

    You can find it here!

    I feel normal now guys.

    Up-Coming, World wide, August Holidays!

    August is littered with random holidays, some of which may be relate-able to pony in some way. I know how much you guys love celebrating completely off the wall holidays, so here is a list sent from Fire Flash of various potential holidays in the month of August! Have some copy paste.
    Aviation Day 19. We need to thank our pegasi for the wonderful weather they bring us so diligently.

    National Aviation Week 15-21. And because one day is not even close to enough love, they get a whole week!

    Weird Contest Week 16-19. I guess somepony gave Derpy four days to express herself....We're all going to die aren't we?

    Friendship Day 7. It's a very magical day.

    Vinyl Record Day 12. DJ Pon-3 needs a day for us to rave in her honor too.

    Best Friends Day 15. Share the love of pony with your best friends, they need more pony...it's never enough. O.O

    Cupcake Day 18. What better time to have a party in Pinkie Pie's name?

    (World) Daffodil Day 20. This one....I got nothing, they love to eat these I guess? I dunno.

    Pony Pasta Review

    Apparently...it doesn't taste very good.  You can find a review on it here!

    Spitfire is Performing a Striptease EP Releases Today! 

    For those of you who like Silva Hound's past works, today is the releasing his new "Spitfire Performing a Striptease"set. 

    You can find it here

    Otakon Brony Meetup 

    I was going to write stuff about this, but apparently Strawberry Spice already handled it! You can find it here!

    RC Car Pinkie Pie Now Available

    I really hope they don't have vehicles in season two.  I can see being all over this if I was 12, but Applejack's pink truck would be so out of place in the actual cartoon.

    This thing is floating around now apparently for those of you who collect everything!

    Shark Week
    It's shark week...so have a dash shark from Eternal Equilibrium.

    Remix War Round III Additions

    A few submissions got axed from the remix war on accident. I updated the post, but for those of you who missed it, You can find them here!

    Bronycon PMV Contest Under New Management!

    Have some copypaste from tinker!
    PMV creators, fear not-- the PMV contest is STILL ON! Due to Kurosuwako stepping down, the contest will now be administrated by Purple Tinker. Please email your submissions to prpltnkr at gmail dot com.

    You can find her email here

    Luna in Socks: The PLUSHIE


    TV Tropes Fanfic Guides

    For those of you who need even more assistance writing good Fanfiction, TV tropes have guides for you! They can be found below...

    Develop Character Personality

    Be Original

    PDF Fanfiction Gallery

    For those of you who would prefer your fics in PDF form, Maximillian Veers regularly converts fanfics on the site.  You can find the gallery here! This blurb is mainly for the recent updates, which are listed below.
    Estrella Noctis
    Claro De Luna
    Darkness Decends
    Escape Castle Midnight
    Struggle for Power
    A World Without Rainbows
    Best Night Ever Extended
    Stargate: Equestria
    One Last Quest
    Corona Blaze
    The Romancing Quest
    Mine, Little Pony

    Fillydelphia RP forums adds a full Art gallery

    For those of you that dislike Deviant Art, Fillydelphia has opened up an art section.  You can find it here!

    Yet Another Pony Podcast Episode 4

    I've posted the last three, so have a 4th! Their most recent episode is here!

    Celestia Radio Now Has Live DJ's

    Over at Celestia Radio, they have upgraded their staff a bit.  They will now be running live DJ's, including weather reports, custom fun commercials,  and live reports.

    You can find their site below as always!

    Celestia Radio

    Ebay Stuff

    Nightmare Moon Painting

    Equestria Daily News

    Mayor Mare doesn't get much attention.  Honestly I never liked her much due to the color scheme, but I'm sure she deserves SOME credit.  Lets hear it for the Cougar Mayor of Ponyville! At least that's how she is displayed in fanfiction...

    Story Updates
    Cognitive Dissonance (Upate Part 5!)
    Apple Branches (Update Story 4!)
    The Twilight War (Update Part 5!)
    The Song in the Shadows (Update Part 4!)
    Brotherhood of the Moon (Update Part 5!)
    Giggle at the Ghostly (Update Part 3+4!)
    The Romancing Quest (Update Part 8!)
    Sofa, So Good (Update Part 2!)
    The Elder Scrolls: Equestria (Update Part 4!)
    Pony Age: Origins (Update Part 6!)

    Custom Merch Mall Updates
    The New Gray Mare (Link fixed)
    Friendship Bracelets

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here