• The Great and Powerful Unboxing #2!

    If I didn't know any better, I'd say you guys think I have an obsession with Trixie or something... Blasphemy I say! Her cutie mark definitely hits the top of the scale in coolness though.

    Since the last one stayed up on the side bar for a full week, I'm assuming you guys like this stuff, so lets do it! Great and Powerful Unboxing time!

    This is a pretty massive package right here, lets open it shall we?

    Is that a...balloon?  Interesting....

    Oh, looks like there are three of them! Pinkie Pie colored at that.  Original packaging material FTW!

    But as much as I love balloons, and Pinkie Pie, I'm pretty sure something else is at the bottom of this box.

    Oh god, GIANT bubble wrap.  At least 20% LOUDER than normal bubble wrap.  I'm pretty sure walking on a carpet of this stuff would be the greatest experience imaginable, almost like those 5 gum commercials from a while back (Which are filled with LIES). It looks like something is under the bubble wrap... something blue...

    MORE bubble wrap! That's it... EQD is on hold for the next few hours. 

    After I deal with yet another smug ass unicorn who snuck into the box. These ponies must be magicians or something.

    How sneaky! I guess I'll toss her up on my wall!

    I'd say that's a huge improvement.  

    And a closeup, because gazing at even a cell phone camera shot of the Great and Powerful Trixie will not only cure cancer, but make you live FOREVER.

    Thanks to Mutki and The_Velour_Fog from over on the MLP Reddit! You guys rock!

    Check out his gallery here!

    And a tutorial here!