• Brony Shirts Now at the Actual Hot Topic Stores (UPDATED)

    Source: Spurs
    I remember a while back wondering if we would ever get big enough for this, and even posting about it.  Looks like we actually did!

    Sadly the bottom shirt in the image was actually a design created by an artist in the fandom (Megasweet), and used without permission.  I reported about this in the nightly roundup a few days ago, but I figured I'd split it off here.

    Megasweet has sent them an email about the issue, but it sounds like nothing has come of it yet.  I'm not exactly sure what the legal rules on something like this are, but it's still a bit strange that a company would jack a design like this.

    Apparenty someone did contact Megasweet.  The design has been put on hold.   Someone else submitted it to the Mighty Fine tee shirt contest without permission,  and Hot Topic was unaware of it.  Glad that's being taken care of! More information, and the thread about it can be found here!

    Regardless, we are now considered "trendy".  How does it feel? 

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