• Pony Plushie Compilation!


    Behold, the Great and Powerful Princess Luna! She's so cute with her little cape. Ponies with little capes are, I think, about 15% cuter than ponies without little capes (not accounting for ponies which have something other than little capes. I'm not running a scientific journal here). This cutie little Luna happens to be for sale, so if you think you can give her a good home check out the auction here.

    Or if you're like me and just don't have it in the budget to buy a soft and huggable little pony to call your very own, at least the pictures are nice to look at. I miss having disposable income. With as poorly as I've been sleeping, I could really use a pony in my bed. Oh well, maybe some day. For now, come with me below the page break, and we'll all check out some more awesome plushies. Click on the source link to find out who's responsible for each!


    This one's for sale, too!


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