• Nightly Roundup #83


    I forgot about her in that poll over there.  My bad!

    Have some news!

    Spiral Knights Guild

    Another guild is looking for more, have some copy paste!

    "The Guildmaster's in game names are Apsuenbwyfer (left) and Killingdie (right) and if anyone is interested in joining their guild, they should send a message to Apsuenbwyfer, as he's the one who sent this pic to me. Apparently, Killingdie is mostly unawares of the possibility that the guild could suddenly be full of pony lovers."

    My Little Podcast

    Another podcast has popped up! They currently have 14 episodes for you all to dig through. You can find it here!

    Equestria Girls Live Cosplay

    A group of cosplayers did a live Equestria Girls thing! You can find the video for it here!

    Another Australian Facebook Page

    Have a link!

    Ponypic Image Hosting

    Another pony website has popped up, this time trying to replace stuff like Imageshack.com. You can find it here!

    Captioned MLP Episodes

    For the deaf out there, the guy working on the captioned MLP Episodes is almost finished. You can find the full set on his Youtube page here!

    Equestria Rave Radio Seeking Pony News

    The guys running Equestria Rave Radio are seeking help with some pony news. You can find the youtube video explaining everything here!

    Danish Facebook Page

    For those of you over in Denmark, check out the new Facebook page set up just for you, right here!

    Rarity in Printed Comic

    Yay Rarity!

    Ow My Spleen Comic Posts Ponies


    Chicagoland Brony Meetup

    For those over in Chicagoland, another meetup is planned for you! Check out the facebook page for it here!

    Show Accurate Pony Toy Petition

    Another petition has popped up for show accurate ponies.  If you are interested in giving your support, check out the petition for it here!

    Another Android Soundboard

    For those with android phones/devices, another soundboard has popped up.  You can find it here!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Granny Smith
    Applejack and Mustache Spike
    Trixie Plushie

    Equestria Daily News


    Fic report for Monday, August 29, 2011
    • Fics received today: 20
    • Fics that received Feedback today: 15
    • Fics still awaiting feedback: 9
    • Fics approved:  3
    • Total new fics scheduled for posting: 3
    • Total fic updates scheduled for posting:  5
    • Fics sent back for revision and/or proofreading: 14

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