• Papercraft Octavia

    Woah... that is some serious detail right there.  These papercraft ponies are nuts!

    Have some links!

    Octavia Pattern
    Chello Pattern

    Now go make some paper ponies!


    1. NICE!
      i love the octavia paper pony X)


    2. 1 - that is awesome
      2 - it's a bass, not a cello
      3 - not first

    3. A "Chello" is like a cello, except made of paper.

      Yes, it's true. The best way to get feedback on a blog is to miisspell something.

    4. "Chello"? Some kind of portal-creating instrument, I suppose.




    7. O_O

      Oh my God. When I saw the article on Twitter I was like


      And now that I see the papercraft I am like


      That's freaking complex! It is going to take a while to do X3

    8. One more pony to my Papercraft Pony Collection.. :D
      Perchance, someone know a Sweetie Belle or Apple Bloom or Scootaloo papercraft pattern? (these 3 are still missing from my collection)

    9. The one way to know that that is a cello–because cellos and basses are incredibly similar–is what the tuning pugs look like, if they're up against the side, then it's a bass. If the tuning pegs are all sticking outward, then it's a cello.

    10. Silly Seth! That's not how you spell cello.

      Anyway, that Octavia is wicked good.

    11. If I were any interested in Papercraft, I would make this and a stage pedestal for it like she was performing.

    12. Thats awesome.I wish I could make these papercraft ponies. (i tried once and the result was a mess of glue and paper)

    13. Allow me to make something very clear, my great-grandmother was a music teacher, my grandmother is a music professor at NYU, and my mother was a music teacher before she had to quit due to Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy and if there is one thing that all of their teachings taught me, it is that is a double bass and not a cello.

    14. What? An Octavia papercraft?! Ugh, I told myself I wasn't going to do another after having to hand make the Trixie from scratch due to lack of a printer. But it's Octavia! I must make it!

      As for the double bass vs. a cello. Seems to be a lot of mixed answers on that. But it does look like a double bass as opposed to looking like a cello.

    15. Seth only wrote down what the creator did for the instrument's name and spelling.

      Also, I think we simply need to come up with a brand new name for Octavia's instrument. Since both the c(h)ello and the double bass are both bass clef instruments, and Octavia's cutie mark is a treble clef, what she is playing must be some sort of treble clef instrument. I nominate the name 'triple tenor' as a parody of double bass, and just how silly it is that people are arguing over what kind of instrument she plays.

    16. @Anonymous

      The creator of the name 'Octavia' said that it was supposed to be a joke about the octave difference between her instrument and her cutie mark.

    17. @Anonymous
      P'rahps she sings along, y'know, an octavia higher than the bass she's playing.

      Could be true. Ever listen to Glenn Gould play the piano?

    18. WOW! These Papercraft ponies are just incredible.
      I am always so impressed by the people who come up with the patterns for awesome foldy and crochety and stitchy art. (Not that writing and drawing aren't awesome. I'm just impressed by y'all in a different way. =P) Me, whenever I'm making art it's hit and miss-the eraser comes out, the sander comes out and I get to change my mistakes. But these guys; I mean sure, they can do a fold again or unravel some yarn, but they have to know everything before they even start. It's incredible. These people can do it ALL in their minds before they start. I just...I just want to let them know how awesome that is. You guys, all you paper/fabricy bronies, I'm very impressed with you.

    19. To try to help settle the cello/bass dispute, look at the tuning pegs (the weird things sticking out of the top of it for those that aren't instrumentally inclined) on the double bass
      compared to the cello.
      Definitely a cello, judging by tuning pegs

    20. (Sorry for double comment) Also, look at the peg on the bottom. A double bass has either a short peg or none and a cello has a longer peg.

    21. Then the shape of a bass versus that of a cello.

      A bass is wider on the bottom whereas a cello is roughly the same.

    22. Octavia is best pony.