• Nightly Roundup #22

    Great and Powerful Edition #2! I'll spare you the RP though.

    Have some news! It's a bit short today, so hopefully the epic level Trixie makes up for it. 

    Twilight Sparkle Cosplay

    Another acurrate-for-a-human cosplay has shown up! This time It's Twilight Sparkle from Q-Con.  Pretty neat! You can find her DA Page here!

    Angband "Roguelike" RPG Seeking Testers and Coders!

    This one might be a bit more niche than what most of you are used to.  It kind of reminds me of Dwarf Fortress from the screenshots.  A brony going by the name of Natron77 is modifying a game called "Angband" to include ponies.  His new offshoot "Anquestria" is currently in testing phase, but he could use a bit of help getting everything else up and running.  If you are interested, check out the blog listed here!

    PMV Suggestion Contest

    Another contest thing has popped up, this time it's a bit different considering the guy is only taking suggestions, not actual pmv's.   He wants good character/music combos, and is offering a 10 dollar steam game to the winner.  If you are interested in giving it a shot, head over to the page here.  He does require you to subscribe and post your idea in the comments though!

    FiM Android Soundboard Makes it's Way to the Marketplace

    I think the topic says it all! This is primarily to allow the creator to auto-update it with new stuff, so If you have already downloaded it, it's highly suggested that you delete the current version and download the market place one.

    MMORPG Guilds

    A few more MMO Guilds are looking for new members.

    World of Warcaft / Garona Server / Guild Name: Knights of Luna (would be about 20% cooler if it was The Lunar Republic just sayin) / Message Averna, Morianda, or Saios for an invite!

    APB Reloaded / Joker Server (Us East Coast) / Guild Name: Brony Brotherhood / Message MyLittleGangster for an invite!

    THQ Darksiders Facebook Page Posts Ponies!

    You know, I really did enjoy the first game. Something about that Zelda vibe...  It would be way cooler with ponies though.  Maybe they will get the hint? You can find the wall post here!

    Friendship is Magic Speed Quiz

    How awesome are you at the tiny details of Friendship is Magic?  Apparently I'm terrible at it, but maybe you will have better luck than I did!  You can find the quiz here! (What ARE the names of Pinkie Pie's inanimate friends anyway? All I know is Rocky! )

    Today's Big Thing Rolls with Ponies as it's June 29th Feature

    I don't know much about the site, but apparently Fluttershy Screaming is the opening now! That's a plus in my book.  You can find it  here

    Equestria Daily News

    Blogger is having some posting issues right now.  I can't edit/post anything more than once without resetting my cache/cookies.  Hopefully this doesn't lead into anything terrible.  They are rolling out a new publisher thing soon, so I'm assuming this is all related to that.  If horse apples hit the fan tomorrow, at least you will be informed!

    And that is all for the night!  Yay~

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