• Cereal Receives Some Comparative-Rarity Jewelry

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Remember this post? The creator, Comparative Rarity, took to heart the advice to make something more testosterone-friendly, and created a new variety of these bracelets.

    As a show of support to the blog, Seth, Phoe, and I were sent free bracelets in our choice of colors, because Comparative Rarity is awesome. I have taken it upon myself, therefore, to embarrass her as much as possible with a complete unboxing of my package, even though she never asked for one. Because I am a classy gentleman like that.

    The entire unboxing, in photos, is after the break!

    What do we have here? A bubble mailer? For me! From a pony! This is awesome.

    This was the contents of the package. I was surprised to see a card! What does it say?!

    Gotta get the mailer out of the way first, though. Note to self: make sure not to photograph discarded mailers on top of C textbooks and sensitive documents.

    I blushed. Thank you, Becky! We'll have her online store posted as soon as it's available, of course.

    And, of course, what you all came here for: the jewelry itself.

    I even threw away my last man card and tried it on. It fits pretty well, even though I guessed on the amount of links for her to make it out of.

    And that's it! Again, thanks goes to Comparative Rarity for her generosity. Stay tuned for the online store whenever we get it.

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