• Nightly Roundup #11

    Yah, it's Trixie time.  That side bar on the right that no one uses just took 2 hours to file away into the archives, I deserve it.  Stupid star ratings take forever to assign. 

    ON WITH THE NEWS! After the break.

    Ponies take over Blistered Thumbs
    More hostile takeover of gaming websites has commenced by our favorite little equines.  The Blistered Thumbs Community Podcast now sports a pony logo, complete with really bad OC ponies and re-cutiemarked mane cast!  You can find that here!

    The Internet Rates MLP

    We might get a whole pile of hate from 40+ year olds who recently signed up for "the twitter" and just completed begining typing 101, but among our generation, we sure are positive!

    Friendship is magic pretty much dominates the internet.  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

    Merch Mall Updates

    The Custom Pony Merch Mall has been updated with a whole pile of new shops.  Everything from keychains to hoodies are now available for purchase.  As always, you can find that here!

    June/July Meetup Post Updates

    Along with the Custom Pony Merch Mall, the Brony Meetup post has had around 6 new additions since it last graced the front page.  If you are interested in meeting other bronies in your area in a big group setting where awkwardness is at least 40% diminished, this is the place to plan it.  As always, additional events are always welcome, feel free to follow the instructions in the post on how to submit your event.  You can find the post here!

    Brony Movie Night Facebook Page

    For those that partake in the weekly Brony Movie Nights over at Bronystate, you might want to consider subscribing to the new Facebook Page.  The guy leading it has also opened up an email that you can subscribe to for weekly updates on what's playing.  Simply send an email to [email protected] to be added to the list.

    Brony Village in Poland

    I wonder if FiM has even spread there yet? 

    Another READ poster invades a library!

    Neighsayers who hate on the Great and Powerful Twilight Sparkle and her beautifully charismatic visage need not apply.  This poster easily converts Babysitters-Club readers into full on ,doctorate level. Shakespearean researchers in less than 3 weeks.  Every library needs this supreme overlord of knowledge to guide them down a path of enlightenment. 

    Another Webcomic Converts to Ponies

    Does Not Play Well With Others is yet another webcomic fallen victim to the pony craze.  Their recent comic can be found here, with all of its Dr. Whoof references and colorful equine shenanigans.

    Ponychan Kid's Mother Throws Away Rarity

    Hoooow couuld sheee?!

    You can find the thread here!

    Bronies at Valve

    Apparently Valve is suffering the same fate as Riot Games.  Various employees are sporting pony avatars, and their Official Tech Support steam group has adopted a Gorden Freemane avatar.   For every negative press release we get, two major entertainment hubs convert to ponydom.  I love the internet. 

    More Woodwork Ponies

    The guy who created the woodwork Lyra and Bonbon toys has completed the Mane 6! 

    You can find individual images of all of them at his shutterfly site here!

    And that is it for tonight's news post!  Hopefully It was enlightening and at least 20% less drama filled as the last 5.  We got that out of our system earlier right?

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here