• Story: Vale Decem Equis // Doctor Whoof: First Impressions

    [Crossover] Dr Whoof x2!

    Author: Andrew Joshua Talon
    Description: A Doctor Whoof take on the last scenes of The End of Time. A bridge between Tenth Doctor Whoof and Eleventh Doctor Whoof stories.
    Vale Decem Equis FF
    Vale Decem Equis Docs

    Additional Tags: Tearjerker, Crossover, Song Fic, Doctor Whoof, Humor, Doctor Whoof, Derpy Hooves, Twilight, Mane Cast


    Author: Andrew Joshua Talon
    Description: Every new companion has a first impression of the TARDIS, regardless
    of the Doctor. Twilight Sparkle is no different.
    Doctor Whoof: First Impressions FF
    Doctor Whoof: First Impressions Docs

    Additional Tags: Humor, Crossover, Doctor Whoof, TARDIS, Trollestia, Doctor Whoof, Twilight Sparkle, Celestia

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