• Ponies Sneak Into Sequence

    A new indie game just released on Xbox Live today.  The project head regularly visits the Neogaf forums, where a huge brony following has popped up.

    Apparently, he snuck a pony item in! 

    For those of you who are planning on buying the game, here is the sequence to unlock it, directly from Feep (The guy in charge).
    "Upon reaching the seventh floor, go to the Gear screen. Hold down the following buttons: D-Pad Left, A, Y, Left Trigger, and Right Bumper. Then, use your mouth or something to press the Right Analog Stick inward. You'll get your special PonyGAF item!"
    In a stroke of genius, he makes you use your mouth to unlock it!  Just like a pony!  And judging by that poll that will be the greatest discussion post ever, most of you want to be ponies!

    No word on what the item actually is yet, the game literally just released on XBLA today.

    Thanks to Macintosh Apple Brony for the report!

    Also a trailer for the game after the break for those curious.

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