• Seeking Icon Artists for Summer Pony Achievements!

    This idea has been brewing for a while.  Someone named Pwny_Pokes on ponychan contacted me with a google doc example for an achievement point idea and wanted me to host it here.  I'm sure every company on the planet would be all over real life achievements, its just nearly impossible to implement.

    We did come up with something, but it will require the honor system

    Everything is after the Page Break.

    This Google Doc currently has a rough outline of what it will look like. It's a big doc, so give it time to load. 

    Each person will have a Separate template doc like above, and as you complete things, you can add picture/proof of if in each category. 

    I will create a post for the summer, and add it to the Navigation bar at the top.  Everyone will be listed inside.  As people attain certain point levels, they can email me and I'll bump them up.  We are still working out the specifics, so expect some changes.

    The Great and Powerful Trixie

    600 pts

    400 pts

    200 pts

    Yes, this is exploitable.  But if everyone sees the Great and Powerful Trixie up there in the 800 bracket, then it's a simple click to confirm if its ridiculous or not.  I won't be checking every single one, so it's up to the community as a whole to call out the cheaters. 

    In all honesty though, this is only a way to improve yourself.  Most of the achievements are about learning to draw, or write; both of which are huge parts of this fandom.  I don't know if there will be prizes yet, this is still in the brainstorm phase.  The only thing the point value gives you is a means to climb a ladder and see improvement, the same as any achievement point system in any game. 

    But anyway, we need more icons!  So if you are interested in helping build the template, check out the ponychan post below!

    Achievement Point System Ponychan Post

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here