• Newbie Artist Training Ground Event

    So you want to learn to draw pony do you?  But are you like the majority of us and completely lack any motivation to do so?  This event is hopefully for you then!

    It's much easier to get up and do something when everyone around you is involved! 

    So here is how this event will work...
    Every single day until the end of June, a drawing topic will pop up.  This can be anything from "Draw a pony staring at the clouds" to "Draw a pony battling a dragon".   As time goes on, things will get a bit more complex, but not too much so.  Our newest blog author, Phoe, (Welcome her! For she is the only thing keeping me and Cereal from all out troll war!) will be gathering drawings from everypony, and tossing them into a daily thread, which will also include the topic for the next day's drawing. 

    This event is about learning how to draw.  If you start off with stick figures, that's perfectly fine. The only way artists improve, is by actually doing it.  Everyone has the ability.  Some are more naturally talented than others... but that doesn't mean you can't acquire it. 

    What are the Requirements?
    You are NOT required to submit something every day, and jumping in/out any time you want is perfectly fine, but if you have even 5 minutes to draw a very simple equine model and post it, then it's at least 5 minutes of practice toward the noble goal of drawing the Great and P... er drawing amazing ponies.

    You can draw OC Ponies, The Mane Cast, Crossovers, Whatever you want!  Just keep it somewhat clean! Feel free to warp the daily topic to fit your needs.  If "Draw a pony playing checkers" is boring, go ahead and draw "Celestia and Luna battling it out with frozen versions of the mane 6 in an epic checkers match that shatters all of Equestria".

    Do these count toward Achievements?
    Yes, kill 2 birds with one stone!  I bet you are all slacking on those anyway!

    I don't even know where to start!
    Check out the Pony Drawing Guides! They are pretty extensive! That should give you a basic outline of how to mold a pony, though the only way to really get good at it is through repetitious practice, and this event is just that!

    When does it start?
    The First topic will pop up at 12:00 AM On May 27th (So Midnight tonight!)

    Why are there so many typos!?
    Because I have to leave for work in 10 minutes!

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