• Story: Getting Lucky (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping][Comedy] "I was smiling IRL all throughout."  Pre-reader #5

    Author: Chicken Vortex
    Description: “The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea” -Isak Dinse
    Getting Lucky
    Getting Lucky Part 2
    Getting Lucky Part 3
    Getting Lucky Part 4
    Getting Lucky Part 5 
    Getting Lucky Part 6 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Ship, Shipping, Science, Something, Snow cones
    Also His April foals entry after the break as requested

    12) The Bestest Pranksgiving Ever!

    Description: Love is like a sandwich. It happens when you least expect it, and usually comes with fries and a drink.
    [Crossover] Lucky, Dr. Whoof, Coconut, Sandwich, Author: Vincent Van Dough

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