• Adium Emoticon Set

    For those of you on a mac that use the Adium messenger, another brony(filly?) has created a set of emoticons for it.  You can find them all in the link below!

    Pony Emoticons for Adium 

    Download link

    Download link for MSN


    1. hrmm... I want to download them, but the internet wont let me. It turns into an error when I hit download and said
      Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (adiumxtra) isn't associated with any program.
      when I tried to install it. u_u

    2. I'm the same person as the one above.

      Perhaps it's because I'm using a mac? o.O

    3. Looks like you might have jumped the gun on posting these, as they apparently have not been approved for download yet.

      Give it a couple days I'd guess.

    4. they look cool. too bad I am not on a mac.

    5. No way to get them onto MSN then? :c They look so awesome too

    6. @Mattsie

      I did add them to msn. You just have to save them individually and add them one by one

    7. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!

      I guess I did jump the gun. I apologize, I'm new at this whole custom Xtra business ^_^;;

      I've uploaded the emoticon set to MegaUpload to sidestep the Adium approval process: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=031N9WUS

      For those of you with MSN and other IM platforms that accept custom emoticons, I've also uploaded the individual files: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NNEX108V

      Hopefully these should work!

    8. How do you download them? I might need a step by step thing. =_=;;

    9. Oh jeez! Nevermind! *notices the comment right above my first*

    10. I know,this is off topic,but i like how you use "filly" to refer to girl fans.
      on topic,i LOVE them!

    11. Having difficulty. I got the png files, but I have no idea on how to add them to my msn. I'm on mac.

    12. @theoldrain

      This link should help: http://mac2.microsoft.com/help/office/14/en-us/messenger/item/0ca4f691-f066-4898-b4ad-3ffa87a333d5

      Sorry you're having trouble! :(