• Websites Celebrating April Fools With Ponies!

    Like anything could POSSIBLY surpass the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie!

    Feel free to toss The Great and Powerful Trixie links to websites with Ponies on their front pages today regardless though...

    1.) Sister Claire Comic
    Description: Everyone in the comic is now a pony!
    2.) Basil Market
    Description: Ponies have taken over the market!
    3.) Snafu Comics
    Description: More Pony transformations!
    4.) Sonic Paradox 
    Description: Pony Parodies instead of Sonic!
    5.) Dawn of War Forums 
    Description: Pony them and music!
    6.) Allspark Insider
    Description: The entire Insider .pdf is now pony!
    7.) The Otaku
    Description: Everyone's avatar is now a FiM pony!
    8.)  University of Maryland Baltimore County website!
    Description: You need to actually be logged in to see it, so a screenshot is above!
    9) Commander Kitty
    Description: More Pony comic stuff!
    10) Runescape
    Description: Pony Pets!
    11) Gaming Force 
    Description: Pony EVERYWHERE!
    12) Red Alert Paradox
    Description: Pony Mod
    13) Henshin Justice
    Description: Banners and stuff
    14) Aorange
    Description: uhhh NSFW?
    15) Zebra Girl
    Description: More Pony Comic!
    16) Random Domain
    Description: More Pony Comic stuff!

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