• Equestrian Mythology

    As if gazing into The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie's BEAUTIFUL purple eyes doesn't already answer the secrets of the universe, somepony has taken it upon themselves to analyze all of the random symbols and lore hidden in the background of Equestria.

    You can find the entire report below!
    Equestrian Mythological Survey


    1. Wow, that is legitimately interesting. I am a huge fan of mythology, and I loved seeing all the references in FiM, but seeing it all written out like that is truly astonishing.

    2. By holy Mithras!.. Clearly the word "over-analyze" hasn't made it into the dictionary yet.

      You could probably submit this as coursework and pass in most universities...

    3. DrOrbitalDeathRayApril 1, 2011 at 5:28 PM

      I just totally had a nerdgasm over this.

      However, the comparison of Pony and Aztec mythology... That's just going to encourage the grimdark people, isn't it?

    4. That was really neat! I doubt most of the parallels were intentional, but I don't think the author was arguing that either :P But it's really cool to see the pool of mythology we all draw from.

    5. And that was just what one person gathered on the intro story in the first ep, the Elements of Harmony, and the Cutie Marks. There's so much more mythology that can be linked to the entire season thus far.

      I haven't seen a show that has so many references to myths and legends WITHOUT it being a primary element of the show, and I certainly have not seen such a show that is primarily aimed at children (and is most likely popular with children).

      Everyone who works on this show has a lot to be proud of. Every single bit of this show is leaps and bounds beyond what other shows even hope to be

    6. Wow that's a great analysis! So much I didn't realize that was in the show.

    7. Most of it is probably not intentional.

      But hey maybe there's a mythology nut on the writing team.

    8. Pretty sure my little pony has always relied on mythos and totemism to give it's self that extra punch.

    9. >article
      I was actually just interested in education. Wait a minute...

      Okay...simple mistake...

      >misspelled multiple times
      He probably only watched the episodes one time.


      ...It really sucks to have two copy editors for parents.

    10. Thanks for the great comments on this.

      Display Name, thanks for pointing out those errors. I typed that all out last night and I'm chalking those error and other up to being overly tired.

      All hail Trixie.

    11. Psh, I can't believe they didn't mention anything about Taoism in there. It was pretty blatant right at the opening of the first ep. :/

    12. My only comment:

      It's not friendship OR magic, it's friendship IS magic.

      Read the title. ;)

    13. Magic & science is blurry in equestria!