• Story: Indoctrination (Updated Complete!)

    [Normal] We don't get many stories in the second person (outside of that ponychan shipping compilation)!  Also /r/ing more everypony images.

    Author:  Fickle
    Description: You find yourself acting as an audience through the eyes of a normal human on Earth. However, after a few nightmares and dreams, you can't get the thoughts and hallucinations of ponies out of your mind. Are they just strange visions and feelings or just more so? You might even learn something important on the way... My first story ever so tell me what you think~!
    Indoctrination Part 1
    Indoctrination Part 2
    Indoctrination Part 3
    Indoctrination Part 4 (New!)
    Indoctrination Part 5 (New!)
    Indoctrination Part 6 (New!)
    Indoctrination Epilogue (New!)

    Additional Tags: Learning, happiness, true friendship, conversion, dreams

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