• DA Pony Fanfiction Community

    Deviant art now has a budding pony fanfiction community.  If you are already set up over there, you might as well check it out!  If anything I'm sure some people would be willing to proofread your stuff!

    You can find the DA page below!

    MLP Pony Tales

    This might be where I send people for editing after the pre-read process determines its needed,  though I still really like Ponychan.   

    I know it's a bit more strict here than it used to be with the pre-readers for authors, but we will see if the desperation for content outweighs the need for quality come summer! I feel bad sending you guys off for editing in email, but lately the reader base seems to have become much more...picky.  I've seen a few stories that would have been perfectly fine a few months ago get attacked in comments, especially when it comes to grammar. 

    Anyway, stop reading those dusty old books and go make some friends! ...To read more dusty old books with!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here