• Story: Epiphany (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping][Normal] It's Flutterdash day!

    Author: NinesTempest
    Description: Fluttershy finds a demon from her past, and confronts it head on with the help of Rainbow Dash, who has yet unconfessed feelings for the shy pegasus.
    Epiphany Part 1 DA
    Epiphany Part 2 DA
    Epiphany Part 3 DA
    Epiphany Part 4 DA
    Epiphany Part 5 DA (New!)
    Epiphany Part 6 DA (New-Deviant Art had to split part 5)

    Additional Tags: Hurt, Comfort, Sacrifice, Memory Loss, Emotional


    1. OP, I know you're a closeted furfag, but could you just drop the pretense and announce this is a furry porn and shipping site? You're really hurting legitimate MLP fans by pretending your blatant furfaggotry is anything but blatant furfaggotry.

    2. Just like the other Flutterdash fanfiction I analyzed this one is really no different, except Fluttershy isn't really out of character and Rainbow Dash is all of a sudden loving all over Fluttershy.

      Same story. Decent writing I guess. Next time just write "and then they kissed" and you would have saved me 10 minutes of my life.

      Also what the hell was up with that dragon in part 1? He got the shit beaten out of him so he all of a sudden 'forgave' her? That's really NOT how emotions work at ALL.

    3. I know how it is Cottonmouth. A lot of these stories are just the type of sappy love stories rejected from romance magazines but then edited to be Pony related.
      Then again, I wrote a shipping story about a grown up Spike and Apple Bloom waiting over in the story section to be posted on the front page.
      Then again, I wrote them as a grumpy, but happily married couple.
      Then again, this steak I'm eating right now is delicious.
      Not really necessary to add, but it doesn't change the truth the steak is delicious.

    4. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 15, 2011 at 5:51 PM


      Oye, leave Sethy alone you bum, Sethy's site is a godsend for MLP: FIM fanfic writers, and if you don't like the shippy fics, then don't read them. And Sethy only puts up what he gets, don't call him a furfag because people like Fluttershy/Dash.

      Now if you're a Doctor Whoof fan, you can always check out My Little Time Lord, which will be updated this Saturday with a final chapter!

      Ha yes, I just plugged my fanfiction, ha ha.

    5. @Cottonmouth

      Romance is always copy paste, thats why I have 7 new release romantic comedies to rent out at any given month at work.

      People like it though, and they are always a pain to get at first (Followed by armadas of angry old ladies who threaten us with netflix on their compoooter for not having romantic comedy #3845 in stock)

      There isn't a whole lot you can do with shipping.

    6. why are people responding to the first anon?

    7. @Sethisto

      You can tell that the writer tried to do something a bit different by putting the two in a tough situation and then falling in love....

      but it turned out to basically be "OH GOD WE ARE FUCKED OH GOD OH GOD WE GOT ATTACKED BY A DRAGON BUT THEN HE FLEW AWAY AND NOW IM DYING oh by the way Fluttershy, you are so damn sexy and lovely.

      You could have written about them going to a rock concert and then looking lovingly into each others eyes and then realizing they were lovers and guess what? It wouldn't have been any different from this fic.

      Overall the tense situations just seemed to stressed, and the whole "dragon" plotline is completely fucking confusing, especially when it comes to the older dragon.

    8. dat picture is so moe

      *off to read*

    9. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 15, 2011 at 6:27 PM

      Anyway, the fic was alright. The writing is alright, definitely something you can and should improve upon though.

      The dragon and the back story behind the dragon was pretty contrived, and the dragon forgiving Fluttershy over a very person vendetta doesn't really make sense. And I'm not sure if the whole Sky Swallower thing is necessary, but it will be interesting to see where it's going. FlutterDash is sweet either way and I didn't feel like the two were out of character, so good job there.

      It's a decent fic and I like Fluttershy(she's my favorite) so keep writing!

    10. @Anonymous
      I ain't closeted about it and I do legitimately like MLP, but if you dislike generic writing, then I apologize.

      @cottonmouth: This was only two edits after the rough draft, but that is hardly an excuse; I didn't develop the tense situation into their interactions at all, which I probably should have done. You hit the nail on the head about all of it, really. I messed the transition up a bit ;I think just going to a passed-out Rainbow Dash waking up didn't flesh out any of it.

      @victorian: I guess I didn't emote enough from the dragon, but the idea was he wasn't very angry anymore, but had one very sudden rage when Fluttershy did something that offended him (which is still coming up too). Thanks about the character stuff though, that's what I'm really trying to get down with this stuff.

      This is my first ship, and it does really show. I'm more used to silly adventurous-fantasy things, and not personal one-on-one character development, romantic or not. Thanks for comments though guys. I do plan to write more non-romance stuff so if you don't like this much you may as well not read it lol.

    11. @Sethisto
      Some ships just have less dynamic than others, I suppose.

    12. @Cray0n

      Because successful troll is successful.

    13. @Anonymous

      The hell is his problem ?
      I know Sephisto said he wouldn't delete comments, but that first Anon. is way too much borderline... This incredible website isn't one for such Hate-Trash talking, for Pete's sake !

    14. Its a valid argument I guess, but I think anon doesn't realize how these uploads work or something. I don't choose what goes up, aside from filtering out the ones that look like a 14 year old wrote it.

      There are a lot of bronies that like shipping, so it's inevitable that collecting everything in one location would reflect that.

    15. Great story. Quite a loving thing between those two.

    16. @Sethisto
      You're doing a good job!
      Don't listen to the parasprites

    17. I thought first anon was entertaining; if I wanted to have something with sex in it, I would have written it and not submitted it here.

      Thanks for dealing with the parasprites, sethisto.

    18. I see more of a copy/paste troll than a copy/paste story.

      This brony simply enjoyed the story for what it was - a good read.

    19. I think the main problem is that this is a blog, and there aren't "sections" of the site you can really go into. You can filter by stories if you want, but that doesn't really filter out shipping (or whatever you may dislike), so it's not very useful in the end. The site would have to be completely restructured and moved off of Blogger for this sort of thing to go away at least a little bit.

    20. Another excellent chapter. :) The reapperance of a certain character was both surprising, and worked surprisingly well. Also, it was just heartbreaking to finally discover the secret of Sky Swallower.

    21. Brilliant story...need next part...I yearn for it....I actually really like this story.

    22. Just read the fourth chapter. The story is good, quite good... but there are a bunch of spelling and structural errors. Nothing big, just a misspelling here, a word forgotten there...

    23. @Anonymous
      Hmmm, I apologize. I was sure I found all of those this time. Well, I actually have microsoft office installed on my main computer now, so those should happen less often lol.

    24. Suddenly, out of fucking nowhere...

      Seth's waifu.

      Surprising cameo aside, chapter 4 was a nice addition to the story.

      I too had a 'wtf' feeling when the large dragon sort of gave up his life-long vendetta against Fluttershy, more so when Fluttershy didn't stare him down or something to make him give up. But looking past the early, strange developments of the plotline, it's shaping up into a good story.

      I quite enjoy almost any type of story, provided it's not a horror story and/or has terrible writing. However, even with my lax approach to stories, I still know when I'm reading something that is fun and entertaining - and subsequently worth the time spent reading - and this is one of those stories.

    25. @Anonymous Legitimate MLP fans??? There's an illegitimate fan? Fact of the matter is everyone who is a fan is a fan. Just cause some of us are furries doesn't mean anything. Have you learned nothing form this show? Love and Tolerance bro. Also this whole "furfaggot" thing has gotten rather old, Just cause someone has a different fetish than you doesn't mean they are some kind of freak

    26. Wait is chapter 6 the final chapter? If so what happens to the elements of harmony?

    27. Right, I'm confused. Does chapter 6 take place immediately after the first part of chapter 1? So Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash don't actually get together? And why didn't Twilight visit Trixie? And what was with that Epiphany thing in the first place!?

      I'm only frustrated because I liked the story. Is there going to be a sequel?

    28. I should clarify since obviously most of you probably don't care about my deviant art profile (wow that sounds really snide... but you all know what I mean lol).

      I'm planning on two sequel-fictions, each one with different characters being the main focus. The next story is a Pinkie Pie x Applejack shipping story that has allusions to this story (some from directly talking to Rainbow Dash, some are more subtle), and then a normal-adventure-epic story starring Trixie, which I do not have a planned length for.

      This story is simply making a canon-setting for me now, but there are important things that happened here that won't seem important until the next fiction. The dragon is a much more obvious one.

      Thanks for reading guys. I'm really surprised you all liked this so much, it's my first writing in about two years. I'm really glad you all enjoyed reading this.

    29. Mymindisfulloffuck.jpg

      It's like The Room, a thousand different subplots and none of them amount to anything or are resolved. Still a nice story though.

    30. @Anonymous
      Well no one has breast cancer so it's fine, right?

    31. This is what happens with anon chat :/

    32. @9nine9: All that sounds awesome! Applejack/Pinkie Pie is one I don't think I've seen before, so that'll be interesting to see. Plus an epic Trixie adventure sounds great! :D

      *waves a flagon of sarsaparilla* May the flowers of creativity bloom within your imagination!

    33. @Brian
      Thank you. Yes, the ApplePie thing is b/c of how their elements will play out (at least as far as I want it to), AND that it would be an interesting ship. Kind of a bad reason, but I do like BREAKING THE COMFORTABLE BOUNDARIES WE HAVE SET FOR EACH OTHER

    34. I was conflicted with this story. I didnt realize how in depth it was when I started reading it. I just thought it was another cute Dash/Fluttershy fic but as the story progressed it became very emotional and heart wrenching.
      I liked that you incorporated trixie and the elements within the story, and I loved your use of imagery:
      ("The sky was drenched in orange with purple streaks, strewn about like the canvas of a blind man’s painting. ) that was just brilliant.

      But I personally didnt like that the ending left some unresolved questions. What I really didnt enjoy was that Fluttershy didnt end up loving Dash (made me baww. Bittersweet endings like that always do.)

      Just because I didnt enjoy some things about the story, doesnt mean it wasnt well written.
      great job brony. You really pulled some of my heart strings with this fic.

    35. @StarbuckWell thanks, I tend to like writing stuff that takes unexpected turns.

      And yes, those issues do come up, but as I've stated many times (though in the story there's no reason to think something might be happening), there are at least two sequels inside of this canon planned, so things were left open because they are to be used soon.

      And not everyone finds love with their first crush. I'd say few to none.

    36. aww i really enjoyed that story. i was hoping that fluttershy would love dash but oh well

    37. Yeah this pisses me off, should be sad not shipping.

    38. OMG unicorn whit out magic is Pinkie Pie i know 100% sure :D

    39. This story really didn't resolve itself the way that I had hoped, but that said, it was still an interesting read.

      Keep at it Nines! Looking forward to your next fic!

    40. @Anonymous
      RD genuinely loved FS, therefore it is shipping, especially when the entire story revolves around them.
      No I don't think she's going to become pinkie pie. That would be funny though.
      As in it didn't resolve well, or you prefer a happy ending? :P

    41. I cried at the end of Epiphany... I wish Fluttershy would've loved Rainbowdash.. -sobs-

    42. Two years later....
      I liked the story, the only thing I had a problem with was Rainbow Dash saying about noticing Fluttershy's body? She looks like every other pony but with a different color! That's the only part I didn't like.