• Story: Kamen Rider Wyburn (Updated Act 3)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Evil Luna? Nowai!

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    Author: Timer Diver
    Description: Three years ago, Ponyville succumbed to the flames of tyranny.  The survivors of the catastrophe seek a way to rebuild their lives, ready to fight to the death in order to do so. They cast their eyes upon him… the “dragon” who is no longer a baby…the “dragon” who has been living in that parallel world populated by “human beings”… Yes, he’s their shining hope. The “Masked Rider”, Wyburn…his journey to liberate all those he’s ever loved begins now.

    Apparently he plans to continue this! So below is act 1!
     Description: “Rise From Your Slumber, Midnight’s Wyrm” – A dream that is like a far-off memory of a distant life…Spike Ingram believes this to be no more than a dream and that this is going to be a day like any other. Little does he know that behind the scenes, events that have forever changed his life have once again been set into motion. 
    Wyburn Act 1: "Rise From Your Slumber, Midnight's Wyrm"

    And act 2!
    Description: Spike finds himself in the world that he was born in after so many years. There, he experiences the changes to the lives of those who survived Ponyville first-hand. The tale of the boy who was once a dragon takes its first step forward.
    Wyburn Act 2: "It's Changing Everything Again"

    And Act 3!
    Description:  It is time to rebuild the past. Together with Princess Luna, Spike tries to understand the event that started it all. Soon, the next step to take becomes apparent.
    Meanwhile, in the human world, danger looms around the corner…ready to affect the lives of innocents.
    Wyburn Act 3: "Fragments of the Past"(New!)

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