• Story: Kamen Rider Wyburn (Updated Act 3)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Evil Luna? Nowai!

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    Author: Timer Diver
    Description: Three years ago, Ponyville succumbed to the flames of tyranny.  The survivors of the catastrophe seek a way to rebuild their lives, ready to fight to the death in order to do so. They cast their eyes upon him… the “dragon” who is no longer a baby…the “dragon” who has been living in that parallel world populated by “human beings”… Yes, he’s their shining hope. The “Masked Rider”, Wyburn…his journey to liberate all those he’s ever loved begins now.

    Apparently he plans to continue this! So below is act 1!
     Description: “Rise From Your Slumber, Midnight’s Wyrm” – A dream that is like a far-off memory of a distant life…Spike Ingram believes this to be no more than a dream and that this is going to be a day like any other. Little does he know that behind the scenes, events that have forever changed his life have once again been set into motion. 
    Wyburn Act 1: "Rise From Your Slumber, Midnight's Wyrm"

    And act 2!
    Description: Spike finds himself in the world that he was born in after so many years. There, he experiences the changes to the lives of those who survived Ponyville first-hand. The tale of the boy who was once a dragon takes its first step forward.
    Wyburn Act 2: "It's Changing Everything Again"

    And Act 3!
    Description:  It is time to rebuild the past. Together with Princess Luna, Spike tries to understand the event that started it all. Soon, the next step to take becomes apparent.
    Meanwhile, in the human world, danger looms around the corner…ready to affect the lives of innocents.
    Wyburn Act 3: "Fragments of the Past"(New!)

    Alternate Tags: Kamen Rider Spike Fights for JUSTICE


    1. Thumbs up for heroic Luna and tyrant Celestia!

    2. Reminded me a bit of H.P. Lovecraft. Not bad.

    3. Excellently presented, good work.

    4. This fic makes my back cold for real! That's very good grimdark! And it becomes 200% better if you will read "Equestrian Revolution" after it. It's like continuation of what may happened.

    5. really like this one, dark but not gross you out! Fantastic!!


    7. Kamen Rider? Ponies? This is very interesting thought....

      "ONORE DIKEIDO!!" - Narutaki

    8. Really? Beowulf? Heat Horn?
      What's with all the /m/en in the pony community?

    9. @Trombe


    10. @Alester

      Funny, I'm the guy writing this and my handle for pretty much everything in the 'net is "New DCD".

      ....Problem, Narutaki?

    11. Meeeehhh... I don't know...

      I can't say it's bad, it seems an ok story, but I have a hard time ''liking'' it right now.

      Not sure... maybe it's the Human versions of ponies, maybe the ''manga-like'' style (buuurrrniiinnggg flaaaammmeee -something), I don't quite know.

      So far, I just don't get a good interest for the story.

    12. @nova_25

      Well, considering it IS a Kamen Rider crossover and that show gets a lot of quirks from anime/manga, what else were you expecting?

    13. I need some help with part 2, which specific Kamen Rider series/movie/something will make me understand it? :)

    14. @Fast and Free

      None, my good friend. For now, things are enigmatic because the story has just begun, but everything will be explained as the story progresses. Modern Kamen Rider series usually have nothing to do with each other, and that's what I'm going for: even if it's labeled as a "crossover", this is a standalone story one does not need knowledge of previous series to dive into.

      However, if you want a taste of what to expect from things to come, I'd recommend you read the "Kamen Rider SPIRITS" manga. It is my favorite piece of KR fiction and one of the main inspirations behind this story. It is also the most accessible way to introduce a non-Japanese speaker to the classic Kamen Riders of the "Showa" era.

    15. @Anonymous
      I never heard of that show, for one.

      Second, well... actions, but no stretching of words on 2 miles ?

      I don't know ? Just waiting for ''something'' to catch my interest.

    16. DCD, way to bring manliness(spikeliness?) and epicness onto the scene. very original and adrenaline inducing.

    17. Isn't there already a Kamen Rider/MLP:FiM crossover? What happened to it?

    18. this is pretty well written....but I have no idea what kamen rider is. pity.

    19. @Fanloser There was one, I saw it around once, but I think it hasn't been updated in a while. In any case, that's more of a crossover than this is, because this is its own standalone story. Think like how Heisei shows don't have anything to do with each other most of the time when a new one starts.

      @Midnight As I said above, there's no need to know what Kamen Rider is to enjoy this story, so I hope you do!

    20. You say it's inspired by SPIRITS - I still need to read that - but oh geez there's a lot of Agito in this.

      Awesome all around, I can't get enough of the whole pony thing being played completely seriously, but I wasn't feeling it when Spike yelled his Rider Kick's name. It feels like the kind of attack name that only works when you don't call it, like Decade's. "Dimension Kick" has a nice ring to it, but imagine Tsukasa calling it out. I don't think that'd be very cool.

    21. Does any /m/an care if I go ahead and write a cakeboss versus Celestia fic?

    22. >Implying that there would be anything to write about since cakeboss would curbstomp Celestia to oblivion very quickly.

      I mean seriously, he would outwit her, and he would also probably send over Date and Ehji if physical force was ever needed.
      Although I can't seem them doing anything to hurt the characters, since Ehji is Ehji, and Date is everyone's bro.

    23. Well, he could write that ponies are actually yummies, and that Luna and Celestia are Greeeds. Although I think Ehji would still show hesitance, Date would probably just CATERPILLAR LEG and just do a run-by every-pony grabbing a shoveful of medals without destroying them.
      And if it's Trollestia, I'm pretty sure Ehji would be okay going TIME JUDGE ALLLLLL on her behind.

    24. To anyone... and SEPHISTO (hint hint)... Part 4 is on DA, since August 3.


    25. Part 4 (DA) :

      >from what we've managed to figure out about the whole world-hopping thing
      -Yeeeeeah... I'm still a bit confuse about this ''world-hopping thing'' too... but, I think I can figured out the main part of it. Mostly.

      >There's NO WAY you're human!"
      -Well... It has been a while since Part 3, but I remember he was super-strong or something, so I guess 'this' could somewhat be an indication that...
      >The violet warrior craned his head upwards
      -...wait ? I didn't remember that he was purple... or ''still'' purple (transformed during last fight ?)... wouldn't he return to a more ''human'' like appearance once the fight is over ?

      >the headquarters of the I.S.S.A.
      >But you can call it 'Eve' instead
      -Soooooo ...? What is supposed to be the true name of the place then ?

      >special government agency working under the F.B.I., established officially during the 24th of December of 2008… Christmas Eve.
      -I'm just curious to know about the choice of the date (dd/mm/yy) ? (not just story-wise, but the author's thought too)

      >The armored warrior seemed all too human to him
      -Human ? ...wasn't Spike just been described, 1min ago, as ''purple/violet'' ? Humans tend to have this color only after being strangled for several minutes...

      >The researcher responded. "Or my name ain't Anthony Whoof."
      -As in the fan-character ''Doctor Whoof/Whooves'' ?

      >to form a government agency for the study of magic seems...well, extremely strange, considering this is the human world and all."
      -*looks on the Internet for 10sec for alien/fantasy/space/etc*
      Weeeeeeell... For one, I am not surprised at all, really. Especially considering that one of the BIGGEST traits defining the human race is : ''curiosity''.

      -Makes me think of good 'ol Chrono Trigger. :)

      >I know we can trust him."
      >He stood up from the sofa
      -What, no transition or even '' ----- '' to separate scenes ? (That's something I also saw a few times before)

      >"Huh? Kamen Rider?" Spike repeated
      -So... His name is Spike Wyburn Masked Karmen Rider ? Must be hard to remember after a while...

      >"Oh? Calling out your attacks, are you?" Eleven said.
      -It was kinda my reaction too, the first few times.

      >as his scarf waved in the wind.
      -He wears a scarf ?? ...in the middle of a ''battlefield'' ? Isn't it something that a clever enemy could use against him (like a cape)... like pulling on it, and etc ?

      >he would have lost his raison d'ĂȘtre.
      -Going fancy at the end, I see ?

      ... Well, it was an interesting part, seriously. The whole school scene was very well made, with the good and quick details, going to the action quickly while taking what felt like just the right amount of time between things ...

      ... I remember that part 1 and 2 were relatively mild and confusing, that part 3 was better (especially near the end), and now part 4 seems to clarify some things a bit and is pretty good. Story seem to be going in a good direction, I would say ...