• Cultural References in Friendship is Magic

    It's no secret that this cartoon is filled with references to old movies/cartoons, and some modern day stuff as well. Since I have absolutely nothing else to report on due to new episode day, I thought I'd start a compilation post to get it all laid out for us!  So lets do it! So far I've collected these from a request for them on /co/.  Most of it is copy pasta, cause I honestly don't know half of them!

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    Friendship is Magic part 1/2

    Ticket Master
    Benny Hill scene.

    Applebuck Season
    Bunny scene = Night of the Lepus. Also, cow lady may be a Fargo reference.
    Bonanza Theme during the Cow herding segment (Here)
    Apocalypse now "The HORROR", OPPP

    Griffon the Brush Off
    Dash trying to escape Pinkie is a Pepe Le Pew routine.
    Pinkies Flying Machine is similiar to The Fantabulous Contraption of Dr Horatio Hufnagel 
    Porky Pig spike with the hiccups

    Boast Busters 
    Snips and Snails do a Pinky & The Brain joke.

    A-team/Charlies Angels references
    Feinting goat ponies all over the place

    Swarm of the Century
    Twilight wanting to make a duplicate Ponyville is a joke from Blazing Saddles.
    Star Trek Tribble Parasprite sound effects.
    Spike has a yellow parasprite (spyro reference)
    Scooby Doo style Pinkie pie cake eating.

    Look before you Sleep
    "Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Sleepovers (but Were Afraid to Ask)" from Look Before You Sleep is a play on the book "Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)" (woah seriously?)

    Winter Wrap Up

    Call of the Cutie
    Rocky Montage References
    Tennis Pony is a Reference to Andre Agassi

    Fall Weather Friends 
    Twilight is #42, and Dash jokes about the book "Egghead's Guide to Running" = Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference.

    Suited For Success
    Rarity's wallowing scene is straight from an old Greta Garbo movie, "Grand Hotel."
    Hoity Toity = Karl Lagerfeld
    "Art of the Dress" is based off of this "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-836TtoF_5I"

    Feeling Pinkie Keen
    Flaming-Twilight looks suspiciously like a Rapidash
    "Wide, wide world of Equestria" is a blazing saddles reference
    Ghost Busters Brain scan Machine!
    Twilight jumping on the soap box for her anti-psychic speech. 

    Sonic Rainboom
    Gradius music for the Coliseum
    Rarity flying to the sun is a reference to Icarus in Greek mythology.
    Swan lake song during Rarity/Rainbow Dashes Flight show.