• Favorite Pony Poll Results

    I see Trixie has been forgotten again... Damn Fall Weather Friends! She lost to CHERILEE?

    And I honestly didn't think Twilight would win.  She is my favorite, but I figured I was in the minority.

    But seriously



    1. I think Cherilee's 80s hairstyle and that comic with her crying about getting bashed on the net for being chosen as a McToy may've won her a few fans.

      I'm also surprised at Twilight winning, though. I do like her (especially after her "I am *not* an egghead! I am well read." line this week), though I think I prefer Dash.

    2. I think Twilight gets bonus points for realizing all the other ponies are escaped mental patients.

    3. Rainbow Dash should have won, or Pinkie Pie....

    4. Everypony knows the Twilight Sparkle fans are the most loyal, yet most silent of all fans.

    5. I voted Cherilee ironically.

    6. Twilight Sparkle is alot like her fanbase.

      Mostly introverted, overly analytical, and just a touch self conscious. They don't post frequently, things they say are often ignorable, and they usually aren't artistic. Plus she's 42, and that number has a crazy Wikipedia page.

      Rainbow Dash and Pinkie are well represented, but Twilight is the silent majority.

    7. @Anonymous

      I am pretty much copy paste Twilight Sparkle.

      And I lol'd at the ignore part, its so true.

    8. Omg, Twilight? FIRST?
      Now I understand what AJ and RD feel in the last episode.
      No, seriously, She is a main character but kinda boring type. PP, RD or AJ is much more interesting.

      Sad for Trixie (((

    9. I'm just honestly surprised that Applejack isn't dead last of the Mane Six. Man, the fandom was weird back then.