• Music of the Day #113

    Let me just hit you with a pile of diabetes and heart attacks before you go listen to these 13 Music of the Day tracks.  This pony is seriously manufactured to wipe out masses of people. 

    Onward to music!

    And another begging for genres.  Seriously, submit a genre! 

  • Album Compilation - May 19th

    Crazy Mayan Nightmare Moon introduces some albums for you all to dig into.  If you need a pile of music, this is the way to get it! Have some titles:
    • Pony: Legacy Soundtrack - TheBrexie
    • Tales from Far Away - Night Breeze
    • Chaos Squared - Freewave
    • Evolution - Nicholas Dominique
    • Cocanium - Blaze
    And full information below the break.

  • Radio Plays: The Crystal Empire Saga Act 1 / Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler: Rhapsody In Blue

    We have one that actually got lost in the endless folders of EQD to start us off in this one.  That main narrator's voice is impressive to say the least.  Give it a shot if you want some fanon on the Crystal Empire!

    And the second here is another Tales of a Junktown Pony Peddler.  You know what to expect there.  Hit them both up below the break.

    1.) The Crystal Empire Saga - Act 1
    2.) Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler: Rhapsody In Blue

  • Plushie Compilation #114

    We have another one of those posts filled with stuff that makes you wish you were either swimming in money, or skilled in the art of plushie making.  The quality on these things has expanded such a huge amount of the years.  Lets hope 4DE speeds it up and starts releasing their higher quality manufactured ponies so the rest of us can get these things!

    Anyway, go be envious with me after the break.

    [1] Source
    That's an Academy Record!

  • Pastel Ponies used for Pastel Fashion Marketing

    Here is an odd one that is escaping the roundup.   Over in London, a department store called Selfridges is displaying Pinkie Pie's and Cadances with a line of clothing.  The actual clothing doesn't seem to have anything to do with ponies, but they did purchase a buckload of toys to go with them. 

    Did it work? Do you have a sudden urge to don a pink dress and head to the mall?

    Thanks to Deadlyaviator for the heads up.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #808

    I always liked evil Cadance more.  The facial expressions she makes are excellent!  Can we just assume Chrysalis decided to do a permanent body swap in season four?

    Have some art while I go force them to do that!

    [1] Source
    This Day Aria redone

  • PMV: Harder Better Faster Stronger / The Good Left Undone / Winter Wrap Up (Sparkle Remix)

    I remember listening to that song in the third one way too much when it was released. We have three pmv's this time around! Some are a little bit obnoxious with the effects, but Sweetie Bot singing "Harder Better Faster Stronger" in the first one totally makes up for the other's transgressions! Get them below the break.

    1.) [PMV / Sweetie Bot] Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    2.) PMV - The Good Left Undone
    3.) Winter Wrap Up (Sparkle remix) PMV

  • Story Updates - May 19th

    Story Updates! Go read stuff.

  • Comic: Nachos / Hearts and Hooves Round 3

    Nachos, Lyras, and Hearts and Hooves! It's comic time. Click for full!

    (Apparently one of these was spotlit yesterday already! My bad!) Have just two comics instead!

  • Iron Man Meets My Little Pony

    Another completely over the top super hero / ponyville crossover has been released fromt he same guy that brought us the Batman and Spiderman videos.  If you watched those, you probably know what to expect.  Head on down below the break to check them out!

  • MLP Comic #8 Hot Topic Variant

    Hot Topic has revealed their variant for the 8th comic in the main arc series.  It's looking like a bit of historical stuff this time around.  If you want to pre-order it, hit up their page here! Expect it on 6/12.