• Nightly Roundup #636

    Timberwolves are pretty freaky if you think about it.  I'd rather deal with a real wolf in the woods instead of an animated wooden demon wolf thing. 

    We didn't have enough for a roundup last night, so have it tonight instead.  It's a big one.  Everything from Minecraft to Pizza Hut shoutouts can be found below!

  • Convention Compilation - April 17th

    Convention news! We have a bunch of it today.  Have some headlines:
    • Sac Brony Expo Registration Opens
    • BronyCon's Latest Mane Event: Whose Line is it Anypony!
    • BronyCAN Present at FanExpo Vancouver
    • Everfree Northwest PMV Contest 2: Return of the Revenge 
    • Fiesta Equestria Charity Membership Auction Announced
    And press releases below the break!

  • Power Rangers Posts Ponies

    Remember those old power rangers days?  Saturday morning cartoons with your favorite ranger team rolling around in giant robots.  It was almost magical.

    Anyway, the Power Rangers facebook tossed some pony up.  What would you do with a pony Megazord? 

    Thanks to Mattwo for the heads up!
  • We Love Fine - Four New Shirt Designs

    Once again, We Love Fine has added more shirts to their collection.  We get a bit of the Doctor, some spa pony, Cadance, and more Luna.  Check them out in the pony section

  • Spotlight Music: Fiddlesticks / Night Breeze / Fallout Equestria: Pure Hearts Theme

    We haven't had a purely orchestral post in a while. Luckily we have gotten plenty of good ones in the past few days here. Head on down below for three of them, one dedicated to fallout Equestria, one to Fiddlesticks, and the last to Equestria overall.

    1.) Radiarc - Fiddlesticks
    2.) [Orchestral] Night Breeze - Memories and Stories
    3.) Legend of the North - Fallout Equestria: Pure Hearts Theme

  • Discussion: Events and Ideas for the Pony Break!

    We have a lot of time to kill before season four, and we need stuff to do while we wait! Calpain has released the meetup map to help those of you looking to make some friends, but on the internet side, outside of Equestria Girls, we don't have a whole lot coming up!

    So what do you all want to see event-wise while we wait? I've been considering running a cake event for a while, and maybe another banner contest or two.   Both are a bit limited on accessibility though.

    Drop your ideas in the comments below!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #777

    Unicorns are the best pony race.  Look how epic that is. 

    Onward to art!

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    Trix Controlled

  • Story Updates - April 17

    Story Updates!  Twilight's was a changeling all along, Rainbow Dash has a crush on Applejack, and Luna accidentally destroyed the moon. 

  • Comic: Nap Time / Misunderstanding / About Time

    Got a simple multiparter for you guys today because sometimes you don't need a complex comic to warm your heart and make you smile.

    Click for full as always!

  • Meghan McCarthy Teases New Song

    Over in the good old land of Twitter, Meghan McCarthy has sent out a tweet teasing of new song coming up from a character that has never sung in the show before.  Have a direct quote:
    Putting on my lyricist hat today. Gotta come up w/ something great. This is the first time this character will get to sing on the show.
    So who do you think it is?    My money is on Luna or Discord. 
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights: King Sombra and Babs Seed

    Woah, it looks like The Governator has finally returned after a year of intense big budget action movie filming to review a few more ponies for everyone.  For those that have no clue what I'm talking about, have a Google search.

    Anyway, hit up the break for some Babs Seed and King Sombra!

  • EQLA Announces Cindy Morrow

    EQLA has added Cindy Morrow to their guest list, writer for episodes like Sisterhooves Social and Winter Wrap Up.  Head on down below the break for their full press release as always!

  • CMC Confirmed for Next Micro Series Ponies

    The other day, it was announced that there would be more micro-series comics after the mane six, and once again, the official MLP comic forums have confirmed who it will be.  It looks like we get a bit of Cutie Mark Crusaders in the future.  The image above is an the cover for one of the incentive exclusives.

    Hopefully we get some Luna after that! 

    Thanks to Shane and Millstone for the heads up!
  • New York Anniversary with G. M. BERROW

    If you happen to be one of the many people living over in New York, or plan on vacationing there in the near future, the second anniversary of their giant meetup group is getting togeather, with G.M. Berrow of the MLP book series in attendance.  Head on down below the break to check out all the information on it!

  • (Rumor) Season 12 Leaked Image

    Someone deep within the confines of the MLP idea center (who would prefer to remain anonymous) sent this over as a teaser for season 12.   He said the entire thing will be filmed in Montana and the voice actors are going to be riding the ponies instead of voicing them.  I guess a few of you requested this or something. 

    They are really excited about the future of the MLP brand, and wanted all of you to know that they are listening to your feedback and reacting accordingly, including keeping Applejack's hat (seen above).  Even the merchandise will reflect it this time around.

    And Twilight keeps her wings.