• Nightly Roundup #619

    This is certainly how I feel most night nowadays. I really can't wait for classes to be over for the semester and for the summer break to finally kick in. Then it will finally be nothing but research and pony, the best combination! Well, as long as it isn't research performed ON ponies that is.

    Time for some news folks, check it out after the break.

  • Mandopony Invades Littlest Pet Shop

    It looks like brony musician MandoPony randomly hopped on for one of the LPS songs.  On top of this, The Hub uploaded it to Youtube, so now you can go check it out!

    Find it below the break

  • Discussion: One Month Later - Princess Twilight?

    A little over a month has gone by since Twilight Sparkle grew wings and caused an internet uproar that made Derpy look tame.  Lately I have been seeing quite a bit of love for her new look though.  Was the outrage perhaps a knee-jerk reaction?

    What was your original idea of Twilight, followed by your immediate response after the episode, and now your current take on the transformation?   Have you changed at all?

  • Random Merch: Jelly Pops / Easter Packs / Sticker Album Contests and More!

    Way over in Siberia, people now have the opportunity to play a real life version of eat cupcakes lick ponies.  Why you would want to lick a pony is beyond me.  Last I saw, that isn't exactly a fun experience for cats later on in the day. 

    Onward to random merch!
  • Radio Play: Fallout Equestria - Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler

    Pony in a Box has joined the Fallout bandwagon with a series of shorts centered around a pony going by the name of Prodigious Peddler.   Head on down below the break to check out all three!

  • Story: Feast of Love

    [Comedy][Shipping] "Slice-of-life done just the right way. This story does a commendable job using characterization to turn a short, simple idea into a truly cute and fun little read." - Pre-reader Pabst

    Author: Scribbler
    Description: Braeburn is determined to make sure Appleloosa becomes a thriving,
    successful town, even if it costs him his health. Lily is scared of the world outside her front door and would much rather stay home, however her friends have other ideas after reading Iron Will's new self-help book. When Braeburn is sent to Sweet Apple Acres to recover, the Spring is Sprung Feast and the ponies who attend it provide the stage for an unconventional love story.
    Feast of Love

    Additional Tags: Pony love never runs smooth
  • Spotlight Music: The Sameling / I Am Octavia / Equine Nocturne

    We start this one off with a vocal remix of The Sameling, followed by a parody of Tatanium starring Vinyl and Octavia, and finish with some good old fashioned epic orchestral. Check them out below!

    1.) The Sameling (Cover) - Jeff Burgess
    2.) I Am Octavia [Titanium Parody]
    3.) Equine Nocturne

  • Skull Girls Kickstart hits 725k

    As many of you have pointed out, the Skullgirls campaign hit 725k today, which technically unlocks the engine for Mane 6 to use for their new fighting game collab with Lauren Faust.  There are 11 hours left though, and if older kickstarters are any indication, there is always a chance that people will pull out at the last minute. 

    Anyway, you can find their page for it here!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #757

    Apples Apples Apples.  Thats all I can think of when these three are involved.  Technically this is apple header #2.

    Have some art.

    [1] Source
    Apple Pickin'

  • Story Updates - Marth 27th

    Story updates! Only 3 today, so go read.

  • Simple PMV #15

    We have 6 new PMV's in this one, low on the effects but big on the emotion.  Check them all out below!

  • Prototype Ultra-Pro Sleeves and Cases

    Apparently Ultra-Pro had a few of these on display at the Enterplay booth during Big Apple Ponycon.  As you can see from the images, it looks like the expected deck boxes and holders will be included in the mix.  They even thew in a bit of Twilacorn. 

    Thanks to Jamie for the pics!

  • A Thank You To EqD And The Fandom

    This little video received an overwhelmingly positive response in last night's Roundup so I thought 'Why not give it a post?'. It's more than just a thank you to EqD, but a thank you to the fandom as well. The community has done a lot to touch our hearts and I'm sure many of us wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for the fandom MLP:FiM has cultured around itself and the great friends we have made because of it. It's touching to sit back, forget about any drama that may have befallen us over the course of the past two or so years and just think of all the good experiences we've been lucky to experience together!

    Check after the break for the video!

  • Hot Topic #6 Comic Variant

    Following their movie theme style, Hot Topic has released a variant of the sixth pony comic, with a bit of Indiana Jones starring Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.  If you want to pick one up for yourself, head on over to their store page for it!

    I still need to track me down a copy of their #5 some time today...
  • MLP Comic #5 Available Now!

    Just in case you haven't hit iTunes up in the last few hours, the fifth installment of the MLP comic series, and introduction to a brand new arc has finally arrived!  Dynamic Forces also released their variant, which you can find in their pony section. (and above)

    Anyhow, digital people can find #5 on iTunes right now, or Comixology later.