• Comic: Glitterface / Applejack's toys / What were you thinking / Muscle Pony Learns...

    Glitter! Old memes! Christmas, and more! It's comic time. Click for full

  • Applejack's Parents - Subtle Nod in the Episode

    This is from over on Sibsy's Twitter page, apparently the shooting stars represent their parents.  Whether than means they went off to Manehattan to start a separate apple market, or actually passed away is still a mystery.  It still might be fun to discuss though, so get at it!

    Thanks to Hunter for the head sup!

    (Update from JJ's Stream, apparently AJ's parents really are officially confirmed dead.  Lauren actually mentioned wanting that to be the case.)
  • Spotlight Instrumental Music: Under My Wings / Bag Hag / The Ancient Hall

    We haven't had a full instrumental post in a while! This one stretches from soft, to dance, to movie-soundtrack orchestral style. Head on down below for all of them!

    1.) Under My Wings (By Danielpony & TheDashDub) (Electronic/Acoustic)
    2.) Sim Gretina - Bag Hag (I Didn't Put Those In My Bag) (Electronic)
    3.) The Ancient Hall - Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic (Orchestral)

  • My Little Gurren Lagann

    It's not finished, but it's awesome anyway.   Head on down past the break for some WiP animation crossing over with the over the top ridiculous Gurren Lagann!

    And if you are curious, the artist can be found on DA or Tumblr.  

  • Story: Upon a Falling Feather


    Author: Ezra09
    Description: Rarity's family name is in shambles, and her fortune is nonexistent. To return what her father squandered, she and her good friend Pinkie Pie turn to piracy, commandeering a magical airship and kidnapping the princess's personal student.

    When Princess Celestia learns of Twilight and Applejack's abduction, she doesn't agree to pay the ransom. No, she hires the sky's greatest tactical mind, the Daring Swordspony Rainbow Dash, and her sidekick, Fluttershy. As the two groups engage in a game of cat and mouse, more dangerous threats hang on the horizon. Aztec Curses, angry gods, and a mysterious figure known only as the Derp Pirate Roberts.

    Will the six Elements of Harmony be able to gather the seven pieces of eight, or will the world fall to utter chaos, and rise up as an empire of anarchy and piracy?
    Upon a Falling Feather

    Additional Tags: Pirates sail flying wooden ships.
  • Vocal Music: The Brony Showdown / This Power / Fluttershy's Mission

    My Little Pony drama in a nutshell in the first one! I'm sure you have all heard The Ultimate Showdown at some point. Have a pony version.

    Second we have a rap about Twilight Vs. Trixie, because why not? 

    And in the third slot, we have a bit of acoustic Fluttershy music. Now go listen to some vocal music.

    1.) Steven, A.D. - The Brony Showdown
    2.) This Power [Cloud+Kenneth] [Cloud of Beef]
    3.) crazyoatmeal3 - Fluttershy's Mission

  • Saturday Livestreams

    Here we are again on another Saturday afternoon after pony, ready to show off the artists out there that are bringing our little equines to life whether it be through music, pencil, clay or what have you! That's right, it's Saturday Livestreams again, you guys ready to learn some things and have some fun?

    Again, Saturday Livestreams highlight artists in the fandom by letting us take a peek at the creative process itself as they bring pony to life! Artists of all sorts are welcome, so if you do artwork, music, crafting, pony parody videos, ect, you're welcome to submit your stream! Just make sure it's pony related and also keep things clean if you can please.

    Saturday Livestreams begin at 4pm EST/ 1pm PST every Saturday so make sure you can make it then before submitting! Furthermore, please send me your Livestream link, a link to a gallery if you have one, your artist name, and an optional banner if you'd like. You can send all this information to calpain@equestriadaily.com.

    Check after the break for all the ponies streaming today folks! We've got at least one taking requests so why not hop in?

  • Drawfriend Stuff #662

    Scootalove edition, because we haven't been flooded with Applejack yet. 

    Have some art!

    Source 1

  • Seeds of Kindness 2: Show Writers and More – Charity Livestream

    Feeling charitable after the episode today? Looking to help out those kids in Uganda? Seeds of Kindness is running another charity livestream, this time with some pretty heavy hitters on cast, including writers from the show!

    Head on down past the break for all the information on how you can join in!

  • Comic: Dan Vs. Hearthwarming / Broken Dreams / King Sombra - Into The... / Dreams of a Supervillian / Lunchroom Gossip / End Times

    The comics, they come in SWARMS! We start with some Pixel kitties, roll into some sadness, parodies, end of the world, villians, and more! Click for full!

  • Bronycon Documentary Trailer Released to Masses

    If you didn't catch it the other day when the contributor only version popped up on Youtube, the BronyDoc Youtube channel has officially released the trailer for the masses. Head on down past the break to check it out!