• Equestria Inquirer #61

    You know the drill! Video embedded after the break, text version here! Charge

    War. War never changes, not even for the Equestria Inquirer. It can involve Scootaloo's war drums. a Crystal Pony war, or war-style traumatic flashbacks, but war never changes. We suggest you strap on your edible boots and brush up on your produce puns because life in Equestria is about to change. Kind of. Sort of. Okay, not really. I was just trying to be all dramatic and stuff. - TechRat

  • Story: More Than Angel


    Author: Grif
    Description: Angel seemed like any other pet bunny a pony would have. A little odd, maybe, but otherwise perfectly ordinary. But what kind of life does he have beneath that innocent cover?
    More Than Angel

    Additional Tags: Angel, spies, pets, conspiracy, undercover
  • More Welovefine Merch!

    Luna ate all your cookies.  What are you going to do about it?  That's right, give her more cookies.  You couldn't hurt Luna if she accidentally destroyed your uninsured Ferrari. 

    Welovefine has another swarm of shirts added to their shop, along with some new tank designs for those of you that aren't into the shirt thing!

    You probably know the drill at this point, full listing is here, and more images after the break!

  • Peter New and Cathy Weseluck Interviews

    I honestly couldn't find any good images on google of both Big Mac and Spike, so have Spike dressed like a badass instead, because Big Mac gets all the mares or something!

    Celestia Radio has interviewed both Cathy Weseluck and Peter New.  Head on down past the break for both of them!

  • Story: Journey


    Description: Everyone has a journey in their life, a place they have to go. A road they must walk. But all journeys must come to an end.


    Additional Tags: Old Twilight goes to Everfree
  • Trixie's Castle Complete

    The same person that released the Derpy mod a while back has hacked some Trixie into Solomons Castle for the NES in celebration of her new episode. We posted a video about it yesterday, and for the sake of getting it out on time, he already completed it! Check the release trailer out after the break.   You will need an NES Emulator to play it, be that on your phone, tablet, or whatever other device you are browsing EQD on.

  • North Korea Finds Unicorns

    As many of you have pointed out over the last few days, North Korea has announced their discovery of the burial site of the unicorn ridden by the esteemed King Dongmyeong (Who apparently hatched from an egg).  Said site had a full on sign at it's entrance saying "Unicorn Lair"!  How the Korean government will use their newfound unicorn powers is unknown.  I am not sure the hermit nation can handle a pure dose of friendship without collapsing, but lets wish them well regardless in their new age of equine domination!

    More historical information on the beast can be found at the Huffington Post, or pretty much any non-pony news site on the internet!

    And then someone debunked it
  • Spotlight Music: Daggin HeartClaw // Perfect Picture // Babs Seed (Cover) //

    In a trail of fire, I know we will be free again.
    In the end we will be one.
    In a trail of fire, I burn before you bury me.
    Set your sights for the sun!

    One instrumental and two remix tracks to round out New Episode Day. It's like icing on a cake, except all ponies are made of icing.

    1) Equestrian Space - Daggin HeartClaw
    2) StormWolf - Perfect Picture (Ozzwald's Remix)
    3) Replacer - Babs Seed (Cover)

  • Livestream Saturdays

    Quite awhile back we tried out a series of posts highlighting a number of artist streams who had volunteered to draw and stream on a specific day. It went well at first, but due to a variety of problems faded away unfortunately. I always liked those posts so I've decided to take a crack at it to see if we can get this feature started up again!

    The way this works is that each Saturday at 4pm EST (1pm PST) we will have a Livestream Saturday post hopefully filled with people who have volunteered to stream at that time onward. Any artist is welcome to join in on the fun as long as whatever work they are streaming follows EqD content guidelines. Artists will be separated into two different categories: those working on general art (tumblr updates, commission work, or just whatever is on their mind) and those running request streams. Artists who are interested should send me their information to calpain@equestriadaily.com which would include your artist name, a link to your stream, what category of art you are working on that day, and a link to your art gallery.

    With that, lets get started! Check after the break for a small list of artists we have livestreaming today for you to drop in and say hello to. Also, thanks to Template93 for the header!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #641

    All the Trixie in here is filled with spoilers, but do you know who else was awesome this episode? That pegasus right up there.  Have one dedicated to her instead!  Trixie edition can go up tomorrow. 

    This is a pretty massive one, so older comps might want to give it a bit to load. 

    Source 1
    Lullaby Fluttershy cover art
  • Animation: Magic Tool

    The drawfriend is a bit bigger than usual today, so have some short animation that popped up a few minutes ago to hold you over!  It's not the most complex, but you guys look bored! 

  • Trixie Comics: More Bang For Your Buck / Trixie Vs Hearth's Warming Eve / Trixie's got more Tricks / Dark Magician Trixie.

    The Trixie comics! they come in swarms! The overconfidence! It burns...

  • Magic Duel - Discussion (AKA best of season 3!)

    The Greatest and Most Powerful episode of the season has arrived! Trixie is dancing. Are you dancing? Cause I'm dancing. I don't think I can last all night waiting for it.  Have some streams. Technically the entire reason for this site was to display Trixie and Trixie related fan projects, so I'm probably going to move to the Galapagasus and live off the land for a bit after this episode. Goals complete and all. See you in a few years!

    And have a comic

    Go get your Magic Duel sticker on Getglue! (Spoiler)

  • Animation: Trickster Duel

    Time for the flood of Trixie stuff! Lets start it off with some Poniator.  I can't say I agree with the ending, but that hasn't stopped me before!

    Find it below.
  • Nightly Roundup #512

    It's been awhile since we've had a Fluttershy header, she's been off busily attending to her animal friends getting them ready for winter I bet.

    Time for the news folks!