• Story: Stetson

    [Sad] [Slice of Life] "Regrettably, this doesn't follow the Equestrian Adventures of the Doctor's lost stetson, but instead we're given a solid look into Applejack's own trademark stetson." - A Pre-Reader who likes bowties.

    Author: Scribblestick
    Description: Everypony has secrets, and Applejack is no different. Apple Bloom's looking for answers only her older sister can give, but Applejack doesn't want to talk. If her secrets came to light, she fears they could crush the filly who looks up to her with nothing short of admiration.


    Additional Tags: Applejack hides from her past.
  • Comic: Gotta have that Horn / Element of Honesty / Phillybalism / Reasonable Measures

    We start off with an expansion on the scene that I am completely conflicted on.  Was Pinkie cute, or obnoxious? I can't tell!

    And below, we have a multi-part sad comic (check the description for more pages), followed by complete ridiculousness.  Click for full!

  • We Love Fine Black Friday Sale

    We Love Fine is going to be running a Black Friday sale, complete with a 25% off coupon on just about everything pony related (PONYFRIDAY25) as well as giveaways twice during the day on their Facebook Page.  One will be right at midnight on 11/23 for four hours, 12am - 4am, and the second will be from 12noon through 4pm that afternoon.

    Hope you guys are ready for pony shirts! I remember last time around their site completely exploded!

  • Ponies Invade High Fashion

    A highly selective program at "Parsons The New School for Design" showcased a bunch of designs from it's graduates during a fashion event, and from the looks of it, ponies invading a headphone headdress were a focal point to a few of them. Rarity would be proud!

    Check out Zimbio for more information!

    Thanks to Raven for the heads up! 
  • Music: For Dashie / Epically Failed (I Wasn't Prepared) / Strobe - Lights Up

    One of these days, science is going to analyze My Little Dashie for cute product marketing.

    Have some music! We have a vocal, a remix, and an instrumental from Omnipony this time around.

    1.) For Dashie - By Joaftheloaf
    2.) Epically Failed (I Wasn't Prepared)
    3.) Strobe - Lights Up (Omnipony Remix)

  • One Bad Apple Clip on The Hub's Youtube Channel

    A minute and a half long teaser for the upcoming One Bad Apple episode has been posted on The Hub's Facebook Page. Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Story Updates: November 21st

    Story updates! Yarr

  • LoveFilm Signs Deal with DHX

    While this isn't guaranteed to get us more options for pony streams yet, the European Amazon offshoot company Livefilm has signed a deal with DHX To stream 2000 different shows.  This service appears to be available on pretty much everything, from xbox to various tablets at just 4.99 a month. 

    Right now it looks like the selection is a bit limited, but over time there is a possibility we might see some pony over there.

    Full press release here!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #631

    Leaves don't change color where I live.  Luckily we have art for that.

    Have some below the break!

    Source 1

     And thanks to South Park Taoist for the epic new banner! Go tell him how awesome it is

  • Discussion: What is your Favorite Part of the Fandom?

    We all have our specific reasons for being here outside of the actual show, be it for the music, the art, the completely ridiculous memes,  or anything else that draws you to pony.  I haven't tossed up a discussion post about this since the early days, so I'm curious on how the fandom has changed over time, if at all!

    So what keeps you around the ponynet?  What is your favorite part of the fandom? 
  • Media: The White Box Act I / Pinkie's Shadow Clones

    We start this one off with a visual version of The White Box, an unsettling fanfic we posted ages ago. It's not fully animated, but it goes have a bunch of art to help express the story.

    And in the second slot, have some completely ridiculous Pinkie Pie naruto stuff. It's simple, short, and totally Pinkie. Click the images for the videos!

  • Nail Polish and iPhone Cases at Hot Topic

    Just in case you all wanted to pain those nails of yours some day, we have some pony colored nail polish popping up at Hot Topic now.

    In the second slot, a variation on the Rainbow Dash earbuds has popped up.  I'm sure the Fluttershy fans out there wouldn't mind the loudest pegasus in Equestria playing their music. 

    And finally for those of you with iPhones, we have a new case available as well.   This one appears to clock in at 14 bucks.

    This store seems to be hitting every possible angle on the pony merch front.   I'm still waiting for more of those vinyl figures though!  Rainbow Dash and Derpy need some buddies!

    Thanks to Nocturnal Nelona and Taps for the images!
  • TV Guide Poll - Doctor Who Pulls Ahead!

    It looks like Doctor Who has pulled ahead once again on the TV Guide Best Fandom poll.  I can't resist including it with pony, so it's up to you non Who fans to win it for us!  If you haven't voted yet, hit up the TV guide poll page to chip in!
  • Nightly Roundup #503

    I was eating a potato for a snack tonight when I saw this image so I thought it was destiny calling that this should be the Roundup image for tonight. Who doesn't like a spud for a late night snack?

    Anyhow, news time you guys! Check it after the break.

  • One Bad Apple Screenshot Posted on Getglue

    Entertainment social network website Getglue appears to have released a bit of an exclusive in the form of one of their stickers, featuring a screenshot from the upcoming "One Bad Apple" episode.

    Head on down past the break for the image! It is a bit spoilery, you have been warned.