• Nightly Roundup #503

    I was eating a potato for a snack tonight when I saw this image so I thought it was destiny calling that this should be the Roundup image for tonight. Who doesn't like a spud for a late night snack?

    Anyhow, news time you guys! Check it after the break.

    Princess Cadance and Shining Armor in Italy!

    So where do you take a princess on her honeymoon? Well, you go all out and transcend the dimensional barrier between worlds and take her to Italy of course! A cute little Facebook page has popped up chronicling the two's visit to one of the most romantic places on Earth! Check out a snippet on some details below.

    Turns out that Shining Armor and Cadance are having their honeymoon in Italy. There is a facebook page. It’s in Italian, but here are some highlights:

    One user asks Shining Armor how the bachelor party that Spike organized was. His response: “Oh, don’t remind me: There were donuts everywhere, and at one point an enormous pot of hot chocolate was brought in and I was forced to throw myself inside. I hope nopony whips out any photos of that evening.”

    Another user called Prince Trollestia warns Shining Armor not to throw Cadance of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

    They are also on Twitter and Pinterest. They also say they are going to be on Instagram once they figure out how to use a Smartphone with hooves.

    College Student Preforming MLP Survey

    I guess we reported on this last night, but the link was all herpy derpy. So, let's take another shot at it, shall we?

    I am an avid MLP:FiM fan and an undergrad student conducting research on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans for an anthropology class project. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Results and final paper will eventually be published to the internet.**NOW WITH THE RIGHT LINK!**

    TV.com's Animation Roundup Reviews 'Too Many Pinkie Pies'

    TV.com has released yet another review of the latest episode of MLP in their new animation roundup. If you want to see how it stacked up take a look at the link below!

    TV.com Article

    MLP Polish Fanzine

    Our good friends over in Poland have been hard at work creating a fanzine for the fandom! If you can't get enough pony check out the link to the zine at the link below.

    Fanzine Link

    Some More Ponies in Our World

    Questing is Magic Text Based Game

    I can't be the only Zork fan in the fandom can I? I really sincerely hope not as the game mentioned here follows in the same style of text based adventure as games like Zork. Check out all the details below.

    Hello guys, I am Chriswalt. Lead developer of My Little Pony: Questing is magic. This game is a text based RPG game, kind of like Zork. It is all written in batch, and will be 100% free once finished. The downside, it only works on computers with a windows OS on it. For more information about the game, check out this thread please:

    I have also made a trailer for the game, it is not that great, but it should give a good enough visual I hope:

    Fluttershy Makes Best Cake

    Cutie Mark Tutorial

    Ever needed some help designing a Cutie Mark? Well never fear! A good brony has some tips that may be able to help at the document linked below.

    Cutie Mark Trouble

    Neopets and Pony?

    A curious screenshot has been sent to us showing a pet that looks very much like a certain egghead we all know and love. Knowing the influence of ponies I would not be surprised if this is a call out to our little bookworm Twilight.


    The Lightning Round - Episode 23

    Copy Paste:

    This is the 23rd episode of my My Little Pony podcast The Lightning Round. I'm gonna tell you the biggest news of the last week and highlight some of the best media.  This week we have our review of Season 3 Episode 1 & 2: The Crystal Empire with our guest host AR.  Special thanks to Joel Linsk for the wonderful opening theme and Azure Doodle for the new title card.  For all the links on this weeks show check out the show notes here: 

    Flankcaster - Episode 4

    Copy Paste:

    This week, Formal, Paingod and SpringStingray sit down with Killbles, Brony author of such works as "Tales of Angrish" and "Friends Have Benefits" and discuss his work, upcoming stories and his inspiration. Along with a short discussion on "BackGround Pony" and a brief debate on religion within Equestria.

    Intro Music - "Old Movies Not Terrible" by Younnat
    Interlude Music - "Cutie Mark Crusaders" by EVDog and Jesse Carlson
    Intro Overlay - "A terrible midi of wake me up when september ends"

    Any Questions and Comments?
    Email us at [email protected]
    Or find us on Twitter: @FlankCaster
    If your question is for a specific team or member, please specify.

    You can also contact members direct on twitter:
    Formal Riot - @MVonNeumann
    Paingod - @SSGTPaingod
    Stingray - @SpringStingray

    Episode Link
    Lunar Transmissions

    Copy Paste:

    Ground Control here once again taking over the blog part of this program.  It's been a couple of weeks and Leatherneck still hasn't noticed that his blog account has been overtaken by us to promote the show.  Oh well we're better at it anyways.  This week everyone here at Lunar Transmissions and The Midnight Run are proud to announce:
    • Mezgrman: Programmer and maintainer of the Brony Retweet Project.
    •  Anneli Heed: Comedian, singer, and professional voice actress from the far off magical land of Sweden, but you might know her for being Swedish Spitfire.
    Tune in and join the live chat
    Wednesday November 21st at 6:30pm EST
    Escape to the Moon - Episode 2

    Copy Paste:

    Yay for another podcast and yay for a new episode, this week Naki and crew talk about episode 2... or 3 or whatever in the MLP show list, our creative sides and the horror of making a discord plush. Stick around and enjoy our new content.

    Last Exit From Ponyville - Episode 4

    Episode Link


    Successful Meetups

    Nova Scotia Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The Nova Scotia Bronies celebrated their 1 year birthday this past weekend since their founding this time last year with a delightful anniversary party! After partnering up with a local independent marchants cooperative who has also given the NSB an indoor home for the chilly winter months to come (Thanks PlanB!!!! You rock! Woohoo!) A great time was had by all! One of the biggest meetups yet with about 30 in attendance! We had an afternoon of episode viewing, fan videos, food, drinks, an edge-of-your-seat intense My Little Pony Memory tournament with blind bags, figurines, art prints for winners, and a bag of G3.5 figurines for those who didn't do so well. Pony cards were traded amongst those who brought their collections, as well as an epic xbox kinect dance-off, for more prizes!
    Everyone very intensely watching The Crystal Empire 

    Afterwards, several members of the group dawned pony cosplays, to take part in the annual Parade of Lights (christmas parade) and took to the streets of Downtown Halifax to walk and wave along a 4km route to 100 000 people!! Spreading friendship and magic to all of those in attendance, extra big smiles and high fives were given especially to those kids in the crowd who braved the cold to come out of the local children's hospital to get a big taste of the holiday spirit!

    A (not particularly great) photo of our cosplayers!

    As co-founder of the Nova Scotia Bronies, I would like to thank all of those who've discovered us over the past year, and have made yourself a part of the NSB family! We hope to keep growing and spreading the magic of friendship to everyone in the province in one way or another!

    ~Sincerely yours, Midnight Aperture

    PS. To any of those undiscovered bronies in Nova Scotia who have yet to find us! Come join the group on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/NSbronies


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Friendship is Gaming Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Crocheted Pony Pattern
    Fleece Hats
    Pony Calendar 
    Large Perler Ponies

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