• Nightly Roundup #498

    How about a Roundup dedicated to the show staff? They give us this awesome show so they deserve praise for sure! Here's to the show staff, you guys rock!

    Time for some news guys. Check it out after the break.

  • My Brand

    Bored? Have a short! 

  • More items added to the Kiki Charity Auction, and Celestia Radio's Crazy Event

    A bunch of stuff has been added to Kiki's charity auction site for those that wanted some autographed swag for your donation money.  Head on over to this page to check it all out!

    And in other news, Celestia Radio raised a whopping 10k during their huge marathon event a few days ago.  It's pretty incredible how much we can scrounge up as a community! You guys are nuts!
  • Animate Miami - Andrea, Nicole, and Peter all Attending!

    It looks like a non brony convention is filling it's special guest armada with pony voices.  Peter New, Andrea Libman, and Nicole Oliver have all been signed for attendance at Animate! Miami. 

    If you want to attend it, hit their page up for tickets!  The actual convention happens on the 18th-20th in January. 
  • Gameloft Game 100% Completion Ending.

    We don't have a video this time around, but someone going by the name of Timelord Pony used his Tardis to teleport 5 years into the future and take screenshots of the completed game, all 6 elements of harmony in tow.   Seriously though, the final unlocks are straight up insane.  600 gems for the town hall, 340 for the clock tower, and of course Rainbow Dash and Rarity coming in at 500 and 90 respectively. 

    I'll let him explain it though.  Head on down past the break for the synopsis and images to avoid spoilers for those that want to grind it out for the next year or drop a gaming pc worth of money into it!

  • Sparkle World - Another Issue, Another Pony Story

    The new issue of that overyly-pink Sparkle World magazine has released a new issue, with more pony vectors molded into storylines. Firebirdtops sent the full set over. Head on down past the break for more pages of it!  Hope you guys are ready for the most riveting pony story since the Royal Wedding event!

  • The Crystal Empire Parts 1 and 2: Theme Analysis

    Hello and welcome to a new feature premiering this week on Equestria Daily: The Theme Analysis. In it, we'll be diving back into each new episode one more time to start exploring some of the underlying themes and storytelling techniques that these new episodes of Friendship is Magic employ, allowing us to examine the nuts and bolts of our favorite pony tales and together come to a deeper understanding of not only what we like, but why  we like it.

    To be clear, this is NOT a review, nor is it comprehensive. The thoughts expressed in this article do not reflect the views of Equestria Daily and should not be taken as such. This is also not a recap - Cereal Velocity does a great job going over all the episodes' scenes, jokes, and references, and I'm not here to trod on his hooves.

    So if it isn't any of these things, then what is it? At its core, the Theme Analysis is an in depth look at selective scenes from each new Season 3 episode. For each selected scene (or element, in some cases), we'll go over some of the messages, themes, and techniques present, and offer analysis as to what makes these things effective, both in general use and for the specific scene/element discussed.

    But with so much to talk about, we can hardly cover everything in this spot. So once you've read it, chime in with your own observations! With all of that said, we have a lot of ground to cover, so let's jump right in!

  • Vocal/Remix Music: Daybreak ft. Rhyme Flow / Cradle in Black (Ft. Cyril the Wolf) / Sub.Sound - Love is in Bloom

    We start this one off with a bit of Rap, followed by some rock, and finish with a remix of Love is in Bloom! Vocals and remixes are dominating this one.

    1.) Cherax Destructor - Daybreak ft. Rhyme Flow
    2.) Brony Militia - Cradle in Black (Ft. Cyril the Wolf)
    3.) Sub.Sound - Love is in Bloom (Remix)

  • Comic: Sparkles Experiments / Sombra's Stairs / Rarity Finds a New Filed

    Check Description for Links to Further Parts

    Uh, Twilight? It's not really a good idea to be experimenting on your friends. It's not ethical, but more importantly can you imagine all that paperwork you'd have to fill out? Geez, it's so not worth it!

    Comic time you guys! Click for full.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #625

    Final Fantasy and ponies.   They look awesome in the over-the-top beltanzipper armor those Eastern RPG's tend to create! I'd play it.

    Source 1
    My Little Final Fantasy

  • Vocal Music: The Pickup

    You got this Spike! Just keep chasin!

    We have a new pony song from h8_seed!  Expect the crazy roboty voice and addictive beat!  And find it after the break.

  • Cadance Toss

    I'm sure a bunch of you thought "We need a Cadance toss game!" when shining propels his wife to rescue spike.   Luckily in this fandom, your wishes are granted!  Dodge crystals and collect hearts to keep the flight going. 

    Find it here!

    Toss your score in the comments!
  • Story Updates November 14 (Afternoon)

    That twilight face.  She might as well be a mascot of these with how many times she has been in here.

    Have some stories!

  • Animation: My Little Pony: Dota 2

    We don't often get combat animations here on EQD, so seeing one done so well is refreshing to say the least! What do our little ponies look like when battling it out on the fields of Dota 2? Check it out after the break!

  • Poll Reults: Which is the best fanon Trixie?

    Looks like you guys like the obsessed Trixie more than anything.  Sadly all she has is that creepy plushie right now.  Hopefully she has some luck in season 3!

  • New Ponyville Map for TF2

    I'm sure a bunch of you are still truckin away at TF2.  I usually end up back playing every once in a while too, its inevitable really!  It looks like that old Ponyville map that has been floating around forever finally has a bit of an upgrade. 

  • Top 10 Pony Songs of October

    The votes are in and your music choices have been revealed! Head on down past the break for the top 10 songs of October.

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  • Nightly Roundup #497

    Rarity certainly stole the show this weekend, ending with a fabulous new look to show off her awesomeness. Appropriate that the pony with an eye for gems looks the best when crystallized, eh?

    News time you guys! Check it out after the break.