• Bronies for Good Massively Multiartist Charity Livestream!

    Bronies for Good has a charity livestream planned on the 17th of November, with a whole bunch of awesome artists joining the fray.  Head on down past the break for all the information on it if you want to attend!

  • Story: Diary of a Silent Tyrant

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: xjuggernaughtx
    Description: After his recent defeat, Discord broods, trapped in stone. After being turned into a Ponyville monument, he is forced to observe the daily lives of the ponies and reflect on the past.
    Diary of a Silent Tyrant

    Additional Tags: Sarcastic, Alternate Perspective, Villainous, Wry, Slice-of-Life
  • Pony Hitting Top Charts on iTunes

    Chart toppers ahoy!

    The season passes of My Little Pony have climbed up the top charts for TV on iTunes rather quickly- as you can see in the screenshot above, it is currently at the number eleven slot, at least at the time of this posting. Go us! We're beating Breaking Bad! That's a little scary.

    On another topic, and a scarily similar number, the brand new pony game from Gameloft that I'm sure you've all been stuck on for the past few days, like I have, has also grabbed the number eleven slot for free titles on the App Store! Also, frankly, a little scary.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go grind hearts to get Rarity.

  • Vocal/Remix Music: Tonight (Sim Gretina Remix) / Becoming the Alicorn

    We have some vocals and remixes this time around.  First off is a new remix from Sim Gretina of Aviator's song "Tonight", followed by a bit of rock from M_Pallente. Find them below!

    1.) Aviators - Tonight (Sim Gretina Remix)
    2.) Becoming the Alicorn

  • Story: Friendship is Giant Robots


    Author: 108Echoes
    Description: Nightmare Moon has risen again, intent on the destruction of the world that mocked her. Ponies everywhere have fallen into an endless sleep, and monsters from the stars ravage what's left of Equestria. There's one thing that might save them: the ANIMa, a bizarre machine which turns relationships into psychic weapons. Led by a still-waking Princess Celestia, Twilight and her friends must forge friendship into a weapon and defeat the terrors of the night once and for all. Based on Ben Lehman's Bliss Stage RPG.
    Friendship is Giant Robots

    Additional Tags: Robots Powered by Weaponized Friendship
  • Rainbow Dash Headphones at Hot Topic

    It looks like pony has moved into the world of headphones.  You know you are huge when that happens.  These were found at a Hot Topic at Thousand Oaks Mall in California.  Usually when that happens, a majority of other stores have them as well.  I don't have the slightest clue on quality, but the design is pretty badass, especially for all those RD cosplayers out there.

    Thanks to Taps for the heads up!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #623

    Jousting edition! RD sure is awesome beating Fluttershy like that... yep.

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
  • Story Updates: November 12 - Afternoon

    Crossing ponies over into everything.  Have some updates.

  • Comic: CMC's Worst Fear / TwiPhone / Sombra Strikes Back...ish

    Probably not the best idea you've had girls! You'd think after the cockatrice in the forest they would have learned to keep out of dangerous places, eh?

    Comics you guys! Click for full!

  • Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies

    Yes, that is Pinkamena, and yes, she is Gollum.  Friendship is Magic has been lordoftheringsafied.   All the characters are here in a whopping 12 minute long animation filled with references between both series.

    Check it out below the break!

  • Season 3 Hits iTunes... Kinda!

    It looks like season 3 is almost on iTunes! They seem to have derped a bit on the actual season though.  iTunes seems to do that a lot doesn't it?

    Find it here! 

    Thanks to everyone that sent it!
  • Flash Event: Write King Sombra a Backstory in 300 Words or Less!

    Either this guy is going to be a recurring villain throughout the season, or everything about him is going to remain a mystery!   Why is he filled with powerhungry rage all the time?  Where does he get all of his crazy city-sized shadow power from?  Not even Nightmare Moon's smoke-cloud thingy could encompass something of that size!

    Your task is to give him a backstory, in 300 words or less.  Hit up the comments below with your idea! 

  • Simple PMV: Shadows // Unquiet Tears // ROUND AND ROUND (Imagine Dragons) //

    Shining Armor is best snow adventurer! At least, I think he would be. You ever hear the joke about a polar bear in the middle of a blizzard playing a white piano? It's kind of like that.

    Anyway, I've got three fresh simple PMVs for you!

    1) PMV - Shadows
    2) PMV - Unquiet Tears
    3) [PMV] - ROUND AND ROUND (Imagine Dragons)

  • Instrumental Music: Faceoff / Buy Some Apples / Kyoga - Caves

    Sick of those silly words and remixed songs getting in your way? Have some instrumentals instead then! Genres are next to their songs below.

    1.) Faceoff (VIP) (Orchestral)
    2.) Buy Some Apples feat. MEMJ-bot & PoniBot Release (Electronic)
    3.) Kyoga - Caves (Ambient)

  • Nightly Roundup #495

    Late roundup time!  Blame assassins and their ridiculous strict creeds this time around. 

    I'm going to head something with Sombra. The poor fog storm thing isn't getting enough love around here!

    Have some news.