• Music of the Day #14

    Hey there, everypony. Ready to party? Ready for the wittiest post this side of Celestia? Well, you probably should have hit me up before the painkillers did.

    Music of the Day: Short on words, not on notes. You rock on, I'm gonna go lie down.

  • Michelle Creber's Indiegogo Campaign

    Michelle Creber has an indigogo campaign going right now with eight days remaining and just $2000 remaining before she hits her goal!

    The basic jist of it is an album full of Christmas songs sung by Michelle and her family.    They also have some neat little bonuses, namely the addition of Mic the Microphone, and The Living Tombstone to the already star studded cast.

    If you want to support the project, hit up their page for it here!

    Oh, and they are giving out cookies too.  You like cookies right?
  • Story: A Special Blankie

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Yipyapper
    Description: Applejack left her childhood blanket in Appleloosa with Bloomberg, choosing to keep the memories rather than the physical object. She winds back up with it, although not on terms she would have liked.

    A Special Blankie

    Additional Tags: Sewing Sister Saves Sorrowful Somepony
  • Random Merch: Pinkie Pie and Friends, Guitar Straps, and More!

    Time for some random merch!

    First off is the Pinkie Pie and friends mini collection.  There isn't a whole lot of new here unless you desperately need every single variation on the blindbag toys.  Lemon Spice found this specific set at a Walmart in Maryland.

    Onward to more after the break!

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Polychromatic / / Believe

    We have some singing this time around! Rainbow Dash gets a soft acoustic song to start it off, followed by another Peak Freak track, and finishing with some metal! Find them below!

    1.) Polychromatic by Turquoise Splash (Cover by Feather) (No Embed)

    3.) "Empyrean Flux" - Original Pony Death Metal (No embed)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #610

    More Nightmare Night! I keep hyping it, but I bet I'm just going to play video games all night.

    Have some art!  And a ton of it at that.

    Source 1
    Zecora Talks About Nightmare Moon
  • An epic pony war in the distant future

    User Sekai over on Youtube decided to combine all the pony mods.  What happens when there literally is way too much pony?  Find it after the break!

  • Cover D Released - Rainbow Dash

    For those looking to catch em' all, the 4th cover in the line of non-exclusive "normal" covers has been released over on the IDW Forum! This one is technically labeled "D" in the list, meaning we only need Rarity and Fluttershy to finish that off. 

    If you are looking for a specific one, all known covers can be found over at our comic compilation!

  • Friends Forever Sweepstakes + Premiere Party Clarificaiton

    The Hub has opened up a sweepstakes event over on their website for a chance to win a whole bunch of pony prize pack.  It looks like they are even including the actual brony focused set, with Scratch and Nightmare Moon.  Find that here!

    And  in other news, a whole bunch of you are sending over the Playdate Premiere Party.  You can register for it (and even get a confirmation email), but we were told a few days ago that this is not an open event (around the time we posted the Season 3 Clip).  Only specific people will be allowed to attend.   Nothing is stopping you New York bronies from partying at a nearby restaurant or something though, right?  Can't hurt to give it a shot!  That's a pretty open site. 

  • Story: The Boneyard

    [Comedy] [Adventure] "A tale of compassion, identity, and subtle horror, written with enough heart that I felt sympathy for the unquiet dead even when they were hunting our heroes."

    Author: Cloud Wander
    Description: The three teamster ponies, Josh, Bill and Blue, journey to the Pie family rock farm to look after the place while the family is away. But, by accident, they disturb the ancient spirits that dwell within the land and are soon besieged by all the terrors of prehistoric Equestria!

    The Boneyard

    Additional Tags: Joshing, Spooky, Prehistoric, Skeletons, Pie

  • PMV: Lunar Exploder / Looks Like I Got Me a Friend / Can I Play With Maredness?

    We get a lot of those "Luna shouting to metal" PMV's. Usually they end up joining the armada sad Luna fanfics in her abandoned moonbase, but the first one in this list does some of the best syncing I've seen from the "Luna shouting to metal" genre.

    Actually, all of these do some pretty neat syncing tricks, but I can't think of anything else to type, so go watch them all!

    1.) MLP FiM - Lunar Exploder - THANKS FOR 100 SUBSCRIBERS PMV
    2.) [PMV] Looks Like I Got Me a Friend
    3.) [PMV] Can I Play With Maredness?

  • Rise of the Clockwork Stallions Demo Trailer

    Another one of those crazy platforming games has released a demo trailer.  Rise of the Clockwork Stallions looks to borrow an artstyle from one of those half 3d/half 2d style versions. 

    Anyway, find the trailer below the break!

  • Japanese Comic: Many Many Pony

    We have another one of those Japanese Doujin style comics! You guys seemed to love the one from yesterday!

    Translator Shockro has them up on his tumblr, or you can find them all after the break in order! Enjoy!

  • PMV: SimGretina - Welcome to the herd!

    We are pretty late on this one, but for those that missed it, this is some pretty badass typography/animation for Sim Gretina's Welcome remix.  Check it out below!

  • Various Cable/Satellite Providers: Crystal Empire Preview

    Both Cox Ondemand and DirectTV (As well as quite a few others apparently)  have ~8 minute previews of the first episode of the Crystal Empire.  It pretty much lays out the entire plot!

    If you have either service, head on over to The Hub's specific category.

    Video uploaded! It's cam quality, but we can't have everything right? Check your TV!

    Update: Here instead

  • Story: Put Out the Light

    [Sad] [Dark]

    Author: PropMaster
    Description: Pinkie Pie has a new friend who just arrived in Ponyville. She sees him every morning, when he orders a plain old breakfast muffin. She's tried several times to surprise him with parties, but he always manages to disappear. Today, however, will be different!

    Put Out the Light

    Additional Tags: Things aren't what they seem
  • The First Pegasus Storybook

    A new story book project has started up from Ponyinabox.  This one looks to be focusing on the OC's, with art and voices covering all of it.  Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Nightly Roundup #482

    This is a pretty late roundup, I'm not gonna lie.  I blame the internet.  If it wasn't for the internet, roundups would be on time.  That or they wouldn't exist.

    Have some roundup.