• Music of the Day #13

    The devil went down to Ponyville, she was looking for soul to steal. She was in a bind, 'cause she was way behind, so she was willing to share a whole pumpkin full of delicious candy if Octavia would make, like, a deal or something. But then she was just a grumpy puss and played pretty music on a solid gold cello that many continued to argue was secretly a double bass, and the devil was left to munch on tootsie pops and twizzlers all by herself.

    Until the wubs swooped down. And that's my scary story for tonight. Am I Halloweeny enough yet? People tell me I'm not Halloweeny enough. I mean, if we're not celebrating a single-day minor holiday throughout the entire month it takes place in, are we really living? I say no.

    Music of the Day! Be among the first 14 to order and we'll give you a special tirade on nothing at all, as our gift to you! Operators are standing by.

  • Comic: Applemuffin / Wreck-it-Ralph / This is Nightmare Night

    Never change Derpy! Just be careful little mail mare, we don't want you to do anything too dangerous. Mainly for our sakes as you'll come out unscathed regardless, heh.

    Comics coming your way! Click for full.

  • Fiesta Equestria Announces Hey Ocean

    A new convention is coming out the gate with a huge announcement and massive venue! Hey Ocean looks to be attending, with quite a few other big names joining with them. 

     Fiesta Equestra's first press release with all the neat little details can be found below the break!

  • Game Trailers: Rainbow Dash Pony Disaster / Adventure of the Lunarbolts

    That Rainbow Dash Pony Disaster has released a trailer for their demo for you all to chew on. For those that don't remember it, this was that industrial style platforming/brawl game from a while back.  For whatever reason it starts with a swear word, so watch out for that!  Find it after the break!

    And in other news, Adventure of the Lunarbolts released their intro scene a while back. We might have a pony RPG to dig through soon! Check it out here.

  • Pumpkin Event Entry Post!

    I love me some Halloween, and one of the best parts is all the crazy pumpkin designs. Ponies are no exception!  We have a whole plethora of them this year, covering pretty much every character! I actually gave this whole pumpkin carving thing a shot, but the tools I was using broke! If you ever plan on doing something like this, stay as far away from this thing and all variations of it as possible!  Saw blades should not fall off!

    Anyway, you guys aren't here to listen to me blabber about my five dollar starter sets, have some pumpkins, 79 of them to be exact!

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville / Dear Luna / A Moon Ballad

    That pony is just creepy.  Her song is also creepy. You can find it after the break.

    We also have a new one from Sim Gretina collabin with MEMJ, and some SKA from jcarlson.  This is a pretty damn solid vocal music post if I do say so myself!  Charge!

    1.) Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville (feat. a lot of ponies)
    2.) Sim Gretina - Dear Luna (Feat. MEMJ)
    3.) A Moon Ballad (feat. The Runner1230)

  • FiM Six-Pack of Books Spotted by Sibsy

    Sibsy sent us this shot she took at a store in Ontario. From the looks of it, it's a six-pack of FiM-themed books. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say these are probably not War and Peace-length epics and are probably aimed at younger readers, but it's still a category of merchandise we haven't seen before, at least to my knowledge. If any of you guys find these again in stores, maybe you can pick them up and tell us what they contain!

    The titles of the books in this set include:
    • Canterlot
    • Meet The Ponies
    • Sugarcube Corner
    • Sweet Apple Acres
    • Carousel Boutique 
    • Golden Oak Library

  • Drawfriend Stuff #608

    FLCL Meets ponies.  I can't think of a more terrifying combination.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Second Life Nightmare Night Event: A Ghost of a Chance

    Nightmare Night, a time for fright, a time for sweets and great delight. But stay always near the light, or ghastly ghouls that howl and bite will hunt you down with all their might. So, little pony, hold on tight, or you'll  be sweets for Nightmare Night...


    The Second Life Pony Sims are putting together a special event for a certain spooky holiday this year, and they're inviting you to Ponyville to join in on the fun. It seem all the candy has gone missing, and it's up to you, oh valiant visitor, to hunt it down and bring it back. There will be fun and ghosts that turn into edible treats you can cash in for prizes, and even a costume contest if you come in tonight. This is all going down until the 31st, so if this is your trick then go and have a treat.

    Or if you're confused, I'm told the video hiding below the haunted page break will answer all of your questions. You know, if you're brave enough to click it. Mwahahaha ahaha oh god I'm choking help me.

  • Story: Hunt and Toll (Update Part 3!)


    Author: I_Post_Ponies
    Description: All I can do is watch, now. Can you imagine what it's like? I can see everything, and do nothing. Where is the justice in this?

    What's the point of me, anyways?
    Hunt and Toll (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: when we're faced with helplessness
  • Story Updates October 27th (Afternoon)

    Story Updates! Read stuff!

  • Spotlight Music: Flight I & II / I'd Wait a Lifetime For You / Octavia's Descent Into Madness

    We have two soft vocal tracks to start us off, followed by some instrumental Octavia stuff! Find them below.

    1.) Neighsayer & Feather - Flight I & II
    2.) I'd Wait a Lifetime For You - Jeff Burgess
    3.) Seventh Element - Octavia's Descent Into Madness

  • Anneli Heed, Swedish Spitfire VA, on Bronyville Podcast

    I'm flooding Equestria Daily today with so much content! Fear the might of my information!

    Bronyville podcast will have on Anneli Heed, voice of the Swedish dub of Spitfire, right now! You should head over to justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast, participate in the chat, and say hello. She is super nice and wants to meet every one of you. Yes, even you!

    When: Now! Noon PDT / 3 PM EDT
    Where: justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast
    Who: Apple Cider, Gerjet of Galacon, and Anneli Heed
    Why: For the pony!
  • Super Smash Ponies Update #3

    Wow, this game is advancing quick.  It looks like the menus are nearly finished, Sweet Apple Acres has been added, and a bunch of new characters included in the mix.  This is another full 12 minute long update video showing off Octavia, Scratch, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and some weird dog thing.

    Find it below the break!

  • Hub Media Using Fanart

    Hm, interesting.

    This image comes from official Hub media- specifically, media for My Littlest Pet Shop. It appears on the last page of the PDF. Awesome, right? We finally know that the CMC will get their cutie marks.

    Not so much. I had a feeling I had seen the image before, and indeed I had. It's an image made by GlamourKat, whom you'll recognize as an animator from the show. It's from quite a while ago, though, before she got hired! Technically, then, this qualifies as fanart, though I'm sure they had her permission. False alarm, folks. Move along.

  • Amazing Cover of 'This Day Aria'

    Daniel Ingram, composer and songwriter for your beloved Friendship is Magic, shot a tweet across to the @equestriadaily account about this fantastic cover of 'This Day Aria'. That is one awesome voice! Go check out TheOperapony's youtube account to subscribe and hope for more videos!

  • Game: Luna's Pumpkin Launcher

    For some reason, I think this is just a bit more advanced than the pumpkin launcher in ponyville! Not only are you able to bounce off of a plethora of objects, but the upgrade system lets you send pumpkins distances they have no right traveling!

    Anyway, go play it here!
  • Power Puff Girls intro

    Hey! It's early.  Have powerpuff crossover stuff. 

    After the break. 

  • Nightly Roundup #480

    Hey there again guys! Calpain reporting from Michigan as he visits family so let's have a family themed header for tonight. Just look at the Sparkle family, so loving and awesome!

    Get your news while it's hot! Don't want it to get cold do you?