• Equestria Inquirer #57

    It's that time of the week again!

    Video after the break and print version here!
    "In this Academy Award-chasing episode, we finally discover the truth behind Lyra's rise in popularity. There are rumors that Luna has faked her moon banishment, that Celestia hosts unicorn fights, and that there is a secret power behind the rise of Lyra!"

  • Album Compilation: October

    Click for album
    We start this album compilation off with another charity project! Gotta love the music community, their helpfulness will go down in the brony history books!

    Onward to albums!

    And another reminder to all the musicians out there: be sure to include a genre, title, and description if you submit one of these. 

  • Exclusive Season 3 Promo from The Hub!

    Season 3 is just two weeks and a few hours away! November 10th is going to rock! The awesome people over at The Hub sent over a promo for us to share with you all this fine evening, filled with all sorts of neat stuff for the fandom to freak out over! 

    I have a feeling this season is going to break even more records than the last.  Based on what we have seen so far, everything has been ramped up.  The opening episode arc is looking phenomenal!

    Head on down past the break to check it out!

    And I doubt I have to remind you all, but you best be tuning in to The Hub on the 10th of November at 10:00 AM EST / 7:00 PST for it!

  • Comic: A Truly Happy Halloween / Big Mac Best Friend Forever

    Queen Chrysalis hits YOU for 2039 points of daww
    You have been slain

    If you get that reference you win EQD. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #607

    Windigoes! I'm sure this is a parody of something, but I don't feel like looking it up.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Poll Results: Which is the Best Bonbon Voice?

    I almost hope they completely randomize her again for season 3!  We still need a super high-pitched Bonbon.

    The next poll is based off of a discussion post from a while back.  Someone named Sevenscence went through all the responses and  added up the top 10 most voted for celebrity voices.   You guys have some pretty weird choices, but I'm pretty sure most of these would be absolutely hilarious in FiM for a day.  Apparently I was one of them, but I'm replacing that with the first Seth voiceactor that comes to mind.  Sorry doods!

    Now go bombard that poll!

  • Discussion: Conan's "Brony Wars"

    In one of their usual comedy skits, Team Coco has tossed up a few "Games that will save Zynga".  Included in the mix is the game above!

    I wonder what kind of game it would be?  New Lunar Republic vs the Celestia Empire?  Best pony factions?  

    How would you design a game called "Brony Wars"?
  • Story Updates October 26th (Afternoon)

    Scootaloo doesn't want to read books!

  • Possible Season 3 Episode 10 title on Zap2it

    Zap2it has tossed up yet another episode on their ever-expanding list of things we get to freak out about.

    Head on down past the break for the title!

  • Spotlight Music: Equestrian Life // Spitfire // Your Favourite Nightmare //

    New consequence machine!
    You burn through all your gasoline!
    Asylum overtime, never mind!
    You've reached the end of the line!

    A beautiful, majestic sunset. Kind of like these vocal tracks I have for you today! We have a song about Equestria, a song about Spitfire, and a song for Nightmare Night!

    1) Equestrian Life - Hergest Ridge
    2) Spitfire (Original Song)
    3) Your Favourite Nightmare (NightmareNight Special)

  • Comic: Aj's Future / All Things Desu / Cheatlestia / Rainbow Stash

    Comics seem to come in floods.  We will see one or two one day, then 10 the next.  Have a bunch!

  • Spotlight Music: Aoshi - SECURITY// DasDeer - Evil United // Varia - The Headless Horse //

    Luck... runs... out.
    Crawl from the wreckage one more time,
    horrific memories twist the mind.
    Dark, rugged, cold and hard to turn,
    path of destruction, feel it burn.

    Nightmare Moon is leering at you. She's telling you to listen to these tasty instrumental beats! Or she's leering at you for an entirely unrelated reason. You'll never find out unless you click the page break.

    1) Aoshi - SECURITY (A song for Blackjack)
    2) DasDeer - Evil United
    3) Varia - The Headless Horse (Dubstep Halloween Special)

  • Animation: Equus Magi Fluttershy☆Magica OP

    We have another anime opening ponified this time around! Fluttershy takes on Madoka Magica. Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Nightly Roundup #479

    Good morning, Equestria Daily! Coming to you live from the EqD headquarters right here on the internet, Xyro is here to bring you the most current in late breaking news and weather. It's a beautiful Friday morning, and if you aren't out in it, you're probably sane because it's like 3AM my time and I should probably get some sleep.


    Nah, more pony.