• PMV: Ponyness / [s7s] Get Your F^^k On

    We have one of those crazy lip syncy "never stay tuned" style videos, followed by a PMV for a song that's a bit NSFW in the lyrics, and just for the hell of it, have something ridiculous after those two.

    1.) Ponyness
    2.) [s7s] Get Your F^^k On (NSFW Lyrics)
    3.) How to make a PMV

  • Filly Games Seeks Artists

    Welcome To Ponyville creators Filly Gamez is searching for some artists out there to get the next few chapters of their game going.   It's a lot of work customizing one of these things! Head on down past the break for information on how you can assist.

  • Card Tins Invading Stores

    A couple of you emailed me asking about this after we announced it a few days ago.  It looks like the trading card tins are sneaking their way into stores, or more specifically Walmarts right now.   This one in particular was found in Morrisville, NC by Isaac. 

    I guess I can finally ditch the flimsy cardboard thing I have storing mine! 

    UPC is 879492002119
  • Comic: A Rainbow Roommate

    Consider it a PSA for all you people out there that want to move in with one of the mane 6!
  • Adweek Voting for The Hot List Begins!

    I love me some Breaking Bad and Dexter, but there is one show that dominates all of them and keeps me watching TV - Friendship is Magic!  None of these come close to the season 3 hype here in ponyland!

    Adweek has started up their Hot List for 2012 polls, and pony isn't even listed! Luckily they have an "Other" category.  I see Honey Boo Boo on the list, do you want FiM to lose to that? I sure as hell don't. 

     Head on over to this page, and drop a "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"  in the "other" box for:
    • Best Reason to Watch TV Now
    • Best Guilty Pleasure
    • Show that always makes me LOL (Pinkie Pie is best pony)
    • Show that keeps us on the edge of our seat (Chrysalis taking over Equestria?! That as intense!)
    • Biggest Social Butterfly (You Twitter bronies better get on it!)
    And because The Hub is awesome to us, drop "The Hub" in:
    • Best Prime-time lineup
    • Hottest network for comedy (See Pinkie Pie)
    • Best Network for Family Programming
    Lets give Friendship is Magic another victory! The Day Time Emmie's were just the beginning!

  • Animation: Derpy's Perfect Math Class

    High pitched Japanese voices?! Looks like we crossed ponies over with another anime or something, this time starring Derpy.  Find it after the break!

  • Razer Catches the Pony Bug

    Razer posted this up on their Facebook page.  You have probably run into them at some point if you have anything to do with PC gaming.

    But it's pony creator! Someone get them a real pony! 

    And then Tetra fixed it. 

  • Canadian Huffington Post Brony Article

    We just can't seem to avoid the mainstream news lately! The Huffington Post in Canada has joined their European friends with their own rendition of ponydom.  Overall it's pretty neutral, and stays on an informative path.  Check it out here!
  • Spotlight Music: Hush Now Quiet Now - Orchestral Version / Discord / Falling LEaves

    We have a remix of Hush Now orchestral style, followed by some instrumental metal, and soft electronic. Find them all below!

    1.) Hush Now Quiet Now - Orchestral Version
    2.) Discord [Instrumental] (Metal)
    3.) Falling Leaves (By TheDashDub) (Soft Electronic)

  • Over 100 My Little Pony Toy Lines in 2012

    Licensing.biz has released a short article detailing the amount of pony stuff hitting stores in 2012.   I think we have already seen this plain as day via the endless supply of merch posts here on EQD!   It's almost a flood sometimes. 

    With Hot Topic obviously making a killing based on how much we have seen them pump out in the past few months, I wonder where it will lead? Maybe some super high quality plushies to go with our new vinyl lineup?  Only time will tell!

    Find the article here.  Thanks to everyone that sent it!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #604

    I was going to head this with Tardis alicorn, but then I realized its almost Halloween!

    As we get closer and closer to Holiday, that seems to be the trend.  Expect a bunch of Pinkamena, Costumes, 0_o, and socks. 

    Source 1
    The Night's Reaper
  • Story Updates October 23rd (Afternoon)

    Stories and updates! And Doctor Who, lots of Doctor Who.

  • Hub's Sneak Peak Image

    Oh god guys, Rarity has lost it!

    From the Hub.
  • Story: Crawling Creeper, Gumming Gator


    Author: Goblin Scribe
    Description: While Pinkie Pie is on vacation in Canterlot, a creeper embarks on his
    third attempt to blow up Sugarcube Corner. As usual, the pink pony has left
    a few surprises for her saboteur.
    A light crossover, in which Minecraft creepers are considered a fairly
    ordinary part of Equestria.
    Crawling Creeper, Gumming Gator

    Additional Tags: Gummy vs. a Minecraft creeper.
  • Season 3 Episode 3 - Synopsis and Title Possibly Revealed

    The third episode of Season 3 has been tossed up on Zap2it.   They have accidently absorbed the wrong episode before, but I think this one sounds pretty normal compared to Strawberry Elves.

    Just in case though, lets roll with some not 100% confirmed. 


    Head on down past the break for synopsis and title!

  • Nightly Roundup #476

    A little shout out to my old friends on NeoGAF which served as one of the first pony communities I was active in. Got to pay respect to your roots right?

    Really short one tonight you guys! Guess that means I can play Dishon- I mean, go to bed. Yes, bed.

    Check it out after the break!