• Nightly Roundup # 455

    I swear, this is how I felt during about 99% of Canterlot Gardens. So much fun, but so tiring as well! Can't wait to get some sleep tonight. Sorry if it isn't perfect tonight, I'm exhausted, heh.

    News time folks! Check after the break for your daily dose of pony.

  • Ponies in the News - The Guardian and The Mary Sue

    Bronies are just so fascinating! Who could resist a fandom filled with people that love rainbow colored ponies.  The media sure can't! Have some more news articles about our lovable equines and the army of adults that can't get enough of them.

    First off, you can find one over at The Guardian in the UK.  Sadly it looks like they used the wrong generation as their header image.  It's pretty rare to find a big name news agency get it right though!

    Luckily, The Mary Sue is internet generation.  They "get it"!  They also reported on Tara Strong's Twilight Sparkle.  Find that here!
  • Top 10 Pony Songs of September Voting Begins!

    Just like video, we have to get the votes rollin on the music of the month! Head on down past the break for the information video! With the amount of music this fandom produces I can't imagine its easy to decide!

  • Midwestria Post - Con Wrap Up Straight from the Staffers

  • Plushie Compilation #86

    Greeting again my wonderful friends! Calpain here, back from Canterlot Gardens! I missed you guys so have some plushies, starting with best pony to round out your night.

    Check them all out after the break.

    Source 1
    Twilight as Star Swirl the Bearded
  • Instrumental Music: First Flight / Fallout Equestria: Supers / No Man's Land

    Instrumentals invading once again!  We sure do get a ton of these lately.  Head on down below for genres in the list, and after the break for the actual music!

    1.) {MLP:FiM} Evening Star - First Flight (Piano/Orchestral)
    2.) Fallout Equestria: Supers (Orchestral/Fallout)
    3.) No Man's Land- Applejinx (Classic Rock)

  • PMV: Good Time

    We need some celebration with Season 3 finally having a time frame better than "some time before January", and this PMV is perfect for it! Lots of near custom animation, upbeat tempo, and a ridiculous amount of Pinkie Pie.  So go celebrate after the break!

  • The Great and Powerful Bender

    It's like this image was made for this or something!

    From the depths of Canterlot Gardens, I bring you The Great and Powerful Bender.   As much as I love Kathleen Barr, I'd be cool with this!

    Check it out after the break!
  • Pony Wallets Invade Toys R' Us

    Toy R' Us has expanded their "brony" stock with three more brand new pony items for all of us to obsess over, and unlike our current selection of money holders, these won't break the bank!  Each one is just eight bucks, and they currently have these three designs available.   You can find all of them in their brony section!

  • Las Pegasus' Unicon Updates

    We've got a few updates for you guys about the massive planned convention for next February called Unicon! The response so far has been great, according to the staff. Just as a reminder, they've signed on John de Lancie. Yeah, you should go. We sure are.

    As for the updates, here they are:
    • The convention staff have extended their 40% off ticket until October 31st, so the full three-day weekend pass is still only $51. That's a good deal!
    • They will also be offering their more expensive packages until the 31st of October. Once those are gone, they're gone. Read up about those further down this page if you're feeling generous and want some extra swag and privileges.
    • Artist booths are almost gone! There are only ten left, so if you want an opportunity to sell stuff at this con you better grab one quick.

    That's all for now! Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #582

    Traveling the universe! I'd do it, would you?   I'm sure we can still get pony episodes on a the Tardis.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    A Most Excellent Adventure.

  • Story Updates October 1st (Afternoon)

    Story updates! I wonder how many fanfics out there are going to randomly guess season 3 episodes?


  • Season 3 Announced for November!

    Finally! A release date! Well, not really a release date, but at least a release month! This image was included in an email sent by Hasbro (seen here) confirming that we'll be seeing new episodes of pony sometime next month. Are you excited? 'Cus I'm excited. I've never been so excited! Except for that time...

    So what are you looking forward to seeing in Season 3?

    (I'm looking forward to seeing more of this one, myself.)
  • Discussion: What kind of events do you want to see for October?

    It's October, and the technical start of the upcoming holiday season! Retailers everywhere are filling their shelves up with candy, pumpkins, and costumes.  Here on EQD, we run events! The problem? We can't decide on which ones to run!

    So far, it's looking like a horror story style fanfic event is in the works.  We might be reviving the Halloween banner deal, and a pony pumpkin contest later in the month. 

    What else would you guys like to see?   Hit up the comments with your Halloween style suggestions!
  • Instrumental Music: Fluttershys Dream / Battle of Hieyuma / A bird's eye view of Ponyville

    We are rollin with some instrumentals this time around.  Genres can be found below!

    1.) Blaze - Fluttershys Dream (Samples/Electronic)
    2.) Feesh - Battle of Hieyuma (Orchestral Battle)
    3.) Music - A bird's eye view of Ponyville (Orchestral)

  • Nightly Roundup #454

    This is me every two minutes while playing Dark souls, and why this roundup is so late. 

    Video games always kill the EQD schedule. 

    Have some news!

  • Midtown Comic Cover Revealed

    Image Source

    We gave a heads up a while back on a Derpy cover exclusive to Midtown Comics, but they didn't have the actual image up at the time. Finally, they have something to show off for it! Derpy is looking pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

    Thanks to Berolinapawn for the heads up!