• Equestria Inquirer #52

    Another week, another edition of onion news for you all.  Find the PDF here and the video after the break!
    "There are those occasions when the stars align and something magical happens. Those are the rare times when EQI is exceptionally funny. That or we had a REALLY weird dish of curry (never trust cheap curry vendors). In this week's episode the metal rocks louder, the charities wreck more, the apples have more feels, Vinyl Scratch gets more high-altitude wubs, and Rarity gets more epic than we could possibly have imagined. There's also tacos. Kay there's no tacos but that would be the only thing to make this issue more amazing!" - Joe Stevens

  • Comic: How to become an Alicorn / Static Fun / How They Got separated At Birth

    Don't laugh.  I bet people all over the world read that article and thought the same thing.

    Have some comics! 

  • Vocal/Remix Music: Love Conquers All extended / This Day Aria (Super Mario Galaxy Orchestral Remix) / A Shipper's Revenge

    Wings are cheating.
    We have an extended orchestral version of that theme that plays when Cadance and Shining Armor blow the changelings out of Canterlot, followed by some This Day Aria Super Mario Galaxy crazyness, and finish with a bit of rap about shipping. Check them all out below.

    MLP:FiM Love Conquers All (Extended Orchestral Version)
    2.) This Day Aria (Super Mario Galaxy Orchestral Remix)
    3.) A Shipper's Revenge (The Shipping Rap II)

  • Welovefine Contest Final Stretch, Plus New Princess Shirts and a Map!

    Welovefine has added a whole bunch of new shirts for you all to dig into.  It's all out war between Luna, Celestia, and Cadance right now.  Based on that recent poll, I'm going to guess Luna will come out on top, but who knows, maybe you all changed your minds after that poll from a few days ago.

    You can also find a couple of new designs dedicated to Mayor Mare.  I haven't seen a whole lot of shirts with her on top.  It's about time!

    And if emblazoning yourself with pony isn't your thing, maybe your walls would be more appreciative?  They have tossed up a brand new map of Equestria based on the Walmart one.  For whatever reason, I'm getting a sort of Bioshock vibe out of it.  Maybe it's the whole circular window thing.

    And finally, if you are in the mood for some digging, the rating period for their shirt design contest ends tonight! If you still want to get your votes in, head on over here to get your two cents in! 

    Head on down past the break for images of all the new swag, or hit up their my little pony section directly!

  • Discussion: You are now in charge of EQD!

    Yeah, she knows shes screwed.  You had a good run Trixie.
    With season three taking forever to come out, the staff here on EQD have purchased an island in an undisclosed location to relax on for the remainder of the pony hiatus.  Unfortunately, the island is also a part of an Amish reservation, so there isn't any internet.   Time to crowd source EQD!

    You can do anything you damn well please with it while we are gone.  Want to convert it into a shrine to all things Pipsqueak?  Or maybe the blog needs to be a bit more fallouty?  Sick of ponies and want to run news on Gravity Falls instead?  Go for it! It's all yours!  You have until season three begins.

    Head on down to the comments and run EQD your way! 

  • Story: Conference

    [Normal][Slice of Life] A virtual clinic on how a scene as simple as a conversation over tea and coffee can be expanded to that much more when careful characterization is employed.
    -PreReader 13

    Author: Dave Bryant
    Description: When an individual may be vital to the nation’s safety, can she be permitted to make her own choices? Which is the lesser evil: to restrict her future for the sake of the realm, or to grant her the same freedom as her fellow subjects, even if doing so may—or may not—endanger the country?

    Additional Tags: The lesser of two evils

  • Animation: Children of the Night Teaser

    The people working on Children of the Night have released a new teaser for the highly anticipated Luna animation. It's short, at about 41 seconds long, but it does give you a good idea of what kind of animation quality we can expect as opposed to just the animatic. Check it out after the break!

  • Story Updates September 13th (Afternoon)

    Story updates? Story updates.  Find them below.

  • Story: Order-naries (Update Complete!)

    [Adventure][Normal] It's long! Hope you are ready to read for a while!

    Author: C. Theron Vulpin
    Description: A normal day in Ponyville is shattered by the arrival of four strangers on a mission to stop an ancient evil from making Equestria the latest in a series of ruined worlds. Twilight Sparkle and her friends are caught up in the search for seven magic gemstones that hold the key to Equestria's survival, or its destruction.
    Order-naries (All Links)(Complete!)

    Additional Tags: Epic, Magic, Ponyville Grand Tour

    All additional Stories after the break!
  • Daniel Ingram Confirms Season 3's Awesomeness Even More

    As if we weren't already biting our nails in anticipation, Daniel Ingram tossed this up on his Facebook page yesterday.

    I know every day we are checking the box looking for some kind of season 3 news that isn't community edited and a total guess.  It's only a matter of time!

    A lot of you pointed out the plural "Seasons" in Daniels message up there.  I don't think there is any doubt that there will be more after season 3 of pony,  and I'm pretty sure he is just hinting at seasons of the various shows hes working on showing up this fall. Everyone keeps pointing it out though, so have a mention!

    Onward to hopefully an announcement about some new pony soon!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #564

    I forgot to toss something up here edition!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    What if I don't have a special talent?
  • Top 10 Songs of August

    The votes are in, and your feedback has been gathered for the top 10 songs of August! Head on down past the break to check out the list!

  • Story: The Way it Was Meant to be Played

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: TheBandBrony
    Description: Octavia wakes up one morning to find that she can’t play any of her instruments at all — It’s almost like her cello wasn’t meant to be played with hooves in the first place! Together with Vinyl Scratch they must figure out what the hay is going on around here.

    Or maybe they’ll just end up breaking Octavia's cello.
    The Way it Was Meant to be Played

    Additional Tags: Octavia can't play her cello

  • Nightly Roundup #437

    So I heard you guys like Pipsqueak, eh? He is pretty awesome I've got to admit. It's probably that whole eye-patch thing he has going on and also the fact he's a pirate (sorry ninjas).

    Another day means another round of pony news. Time for the Roundup folks!