• Talk Like Zecora Day

    Steffan Andrews has raised the call, so come ponies, come humans, come all.
    Be prepared for Zecora Day tomorrow.  For the Zebra's dialect you must borrow.
    You may find the day to be challenging. But this is a thing that is definitely happening.
    So put on your thinking cap, and your Facebook fans, they will clap.
    Until they realize it lasts all day, and you laugh as they run away.

  • Vocal Music: Letters / Spiked

    Labor day sure does make things go slooow. Have some music while we find stuff to post! We have some rap, and whatever Zahqo and Haymaker's genre is.  It's awesome anyway right?

    1.) zahqo - Letters (feat. Haymaker)
    2.) ZANDER - Spiked

  • Story: Fine Tuning

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Nicholas Taylor
    Description: Octavia has been tuning her cello for way too long, and Lyra is getting sick of it.
    Fine Tuning

    Additional Tags: 6000 words from bizarre concept
  • PMV: Eat Randy / Lights Out

    What...?  These PMV's are getting weird. 

    1.) Eat Randy - PMV
    2.) Lights Out - PMV

  • Ponies Confirmed for Peach Scented

    It looks like we finally have an official smell for FiM ponies!  According to this new wipe package found in the UK for a £1.00, Twilight Sparkle and friends smell like peaches.

    Why peaches you ask?  Who knows! Maybe a shampoo company holds a monopoly over the masses, and only produces peach scented products? Or maybe it's a trend?  I have to admit, it's killing my head canon.  Twilight Sparkle was supposed to be grapes, Pinkie Pie cotton candy, and Rainbow Dash skittles.   This ruins everything.  I quit pony.

    (Thanks to Kar Red Roses from MLPTP or the heads up!)
  • Story: Tired

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: Ebon Mane
    Description: Though the distance between Pinkie Pie and her five closest friends has grown in the half-century since they claimed their Elements, she does what she can to prevent the others from drifting away. It’s small things, mostly: tea with Rarity, a drink with Rainbow Dash, a few words with each of the others. The friendship still makes each day together magic, and she works as hard as ever to bring cheer to all of her friends. When the smiles come less frequently, that just makes each one that much more precious.
    Additional Tags: Old Candy Still Tastes Sweet
  • Comic: My Little Websurfers / Back to the Bass-ics / Idle Gossip / Septem Alae Episode 2

    I think I might pick up Internet Explorer after this one.  She is cleraly the best and most chaotic pony.  Everyone else is average in comparison.

    We also have some Bass dropping, Twilight Sparkle complaining, and Septem Alae Episode 2! Click for full!  

  • Drawfriend Stuff #553

    I have no clue what is going on here but I have a feeling someone lost a bet.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Wizard Riding a Unicorn on a Rainbow in Space
  • Comic: Doctor Whoof Megacomics!

    For whatever reason, you all love creating giant multi-part comics to Doctor Whoof, two of which were submitted back to back!

    Considering the new season just started, I guess it kinda works out doesn't it?

    These are long, so have links to their archives instead:

    The Time Lord (8 pages)
    Doctor Whooves - Upgrade (5 Chapters, ~8 parts each)

    Parts can be found in their descriptions!

  • Instrumental Music: Deception / Sugar Rush / The Lunar War - What Are We Fighting Now? / Marching for a Brighter Future

    We have a whole bunch of orchestral this time around, as well as some random happiness to break it up a bit! Check them all out below.

    1.) crazyoatmeal3 - Deception (Orchestral)
    2.) DongleKumquat - Sugar Rush (Happy Electronic / Pinkie Pie Genre)
    3.) The Lunar War - What Are We Fighting For Now? (Orchestral / Battle)
    4.) For The Solar Empire - Marching For An Brighter Future (Orchestral / Anthem)

  • Animatic: Rise of Galiax

    Another animation project is in progress! So far they have a new animatic and a bunch of concept art available for you all to peruse.  Have a plot synopsis:
    The plot in a nutshell is this: Shining Armor and Cadance (Aurora, Rina-Chan in the actual show) are expecting and the Princesses want to turn their old castle in the forest into a great home for the new family. Spike stumbles into an antechamber while helping on restoring the castle, and unleashes a fragment of the evil spirit that possessed Luna. It takes over Celestia instead this time, and that's essentially when it goes to hell. Luna again becomes Nightmare Moon, Discord returns, and Chrysalis returns to wreck havoc all at once. The Elements of Harmony are useless, so Shining Armor, Cadance, and the Mane 6 have only one option: The Galiax, a magical countermeasure designed by Celestia in case something like this happens. And it goes from there. :)
    Head on past the break for the animatic and more art!

    You can also follow them directly here
  • Off Hours RP - You Are Rarity

    Apparently a bunch of you wanted a post like this to RP in, and we haven't had a 3 AM thing in forever, so have a challenge.

    You are all now Rarity.  Hoity Toity has hired you to present your new line of griffon formalware to a select group of 100 noblegriffons.  Go be Rarity and explain why your dresses and tuxedos are the next big thing in half lion half eagle fashion in the comments below!
  • Story Updates September 3rd (Morning)

    Story update time! We had so many, I had to bump it back to now instead of wait until tomorrow! So much for schedules.

  • Nightly Roundup #427

    Apparently I was supposed to use Applejack last night. My bad! Have some roundup stuff.

    And thanks to Starbolt01 for the new banner!