• Animation: Picture Perfect Pony

    This is amazing. Like, right from the show amazing. I forgot how much I loved Photo finish.

    Ask the Crusaders
    is second only to her for best pony status today.

    (If you want a really fun prank, link it to your friends saying another season 3 song came out, I lol'd)
  • Top 10 July Pony Video Voting Begins!

    Like the title says! It's time to submit your top 10 pony videos of the month. Head on down past the break for information on getting your favorites in, or feel free to show them off in the comments to gain some people for your side!

  • Megapony, Episode 1 is Now Available!

    I'm sort of jumping up and down right now with excitement, because a game we previously told you about has made its first step toward completion. A playable version of Megapony is now available and awaiting your eager fingers to save Equestria from that wily villain Discord (see what I did there? Didja didja didja?)!

    The game is essentially in an open beta now, with three levels including Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash ready and waiting to take on your buster. While the game isn't perfect, the level design is bright and brilliant and beautiful, and has the sort of design sense you almost never see from amateur gaming projects. In short, this is something special and you should check it out and help make it more so. Check below the break for some screenshots and a video review done by yours truly, but before you do that, click here and download the game for yourself!

  • Lee Tockar Interviewed on the Stay Brony My Friends

    The manliest brony in the world has interviewed the most famous sea serpent in the Everfree Forest! Head on down past the break to check it out for yourself!

  • Vocal Music: A song for Scootaloo / Fillies (Piggies) / Failure Success Song

     Time for some vocal stuff! We have acoustic Scootaloo, a parody of the Beatles, and some Falure Success song.  Check them out below! 

    1.) When Home Calls - A song for Scootaloo
    2.) Fillies (Piggies)
    3.) JoinedTheHerd - Failure Success Song (Freewave's Breakbeat Remix)

  • PMV lip Sync Tutorial!

    So you want to make PMV's do you? And you want the actual ponies to sing along to the lyrics?  Time for a guide!

    SilkAMV over on Youtube has created a 17 minute tutorial onteaching your ponies how to sing whatever you damn well please.  Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Story: Task at Talon

    [Normal - Slice of Life]

    Author: GingerNutGin
    Description: In the past, Owlowicious would have never really thought that he could find such a connection to any certain Master or Mistress. He had always fancied himself a loner, an animal that had only just begun to settle down within the snug confines of ownership. Still, such a lavish life is far more favorable than to be kept under The Yellow Mistress' ever-reaching wing. Of course, helping out The Purple Mistress is never all fun and games.
    Task at Talon

    Additional Tags: Angel pays Owlowicious a visit
  • Music: Up All Night // The "I Want MLP:FiM Season 3" Song // The Coming Storm //


    Good morning evening! Have some vocal tracks and an instrumental. This hour we have something by Shadyvox, something by AwkwardMarina, and to top it all off something by Mandopony! Dig in.

    1) Rocket Ship Resort & ShadyVox - Up All Night
    2) The "I Want MLP:FiM Season 3" Song (Failure Song Parody)
    3) The Shadowbolts, Pt 3 "The Coming Storm" - original MLP music by MandoPony

  • Friendship is Witchcraft Fundraising Livestream!

    Hey, Internet! Did you know the great people behind Witchy Friendcraft are holding a fundraising livestream for Everfree RIGHT NOW? It's true! It's going until 9PM PST or maybe even later, so don't fear you missed it! There's going to be a little FiW and a lottle hilariously awful movie watching and just general fun times. Click here to check it out right now!

  • The night will last, FOREVER! - New League of Legends Champion Line

    Oh Riot, you so silly.  Have some Nightmare Moon in League of Legends. 

    Or after the break.

    In other news, doing more ARAM tonight! Be there!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #520

    More theories on Celestia's mane when it gets wet up above.  Also art.

    Have some more after the break!

    Source 1
    Sun Springs

  • Tara Strong Appears at Dragon Con

    It looks like Tara Strong has joined the Dragon Con!  It's a huge convention, but much less mainstream, so you will probably have a better chance to talk to her at this one than Comic Con if you prefer these types of conventions over actual pony ones. 

    It looks like they have 30 days until it actually starts, so you might want to get prepped for it soon.

    More information can be found at their website!
  • PMV: Demons // Above Cloudsdale // Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle

    This post contains 15% of your daily recommended dose of Rarity. I know, because I play a doctor on the internet.

    Time for some PMVs! Today we have some Imagine Dragons, some soothing Cloudsdale, and... something else! You figure it out, cause I can't. All I know is it's way too happy.

    1) [PMV] Demons
    2) [PMV] Above Cloudsdale
    3) Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle [PMV]

  • Reminders: Letters to Celestia Contest and Interview and Brony Thank You Fund Raffle

    We have a few events ending in the next few days, one dedicated to the upcoming Nicole Oliver interview, and the other from the Brony Thank You Fund.

    First off, head on over here for information on how you can submit your letter to Celestia for a chance at Nicole Oliver herself reading it aloud for all to hear during her interview on Thursday night.   You guys better make it good!  It's not every day we get a chance to make Celestia say silly things!  The deadline is tonight at midnight.

    And in the second corner, the Brony Thank You Fund signed poster raffle ends tonight as well!  All proceeds go toward getting someone a CalArts scholarship,  and for just 10 bucks you have a chance to win a gigantic official poster signed by just about everyone. 

    Except Trixie. Wru Kathleen Barr!
  • Welovefine - More Shirts, Cases, and Stock!

    Welovefine has expanded their inventory of phone cases and added  more stock on the old ones they posted a few days ago! Apparently you guys really love these things!  Sometimes I wish I had a phone shaped like an iPhone that didn't run iOS! (inb4 Cereal kills me)

    We also have a bunch of new shirts!  Check those out after the break!

    Or hit up their My Little Pony section. 

  • Jerry Springer Seeks Bronies, Plus A Reminder

    As some of you are no doubt aware, Jerry Springer is looking for a member of our community to interview. I'm not here to tell you what to do, nor shall I try, but it is certainly within my power to remind you what happened last time a less-than-stellar show has interviewed us.

    For those of you that don't care, have a Spitfire.

  • Pinkie Pie's Adventure Ponies Commercial!

    The Hub has tossed a commercial up dedicated to that awesome 8 bit Adventure ponies game they released during Comic Con, and its completely filled with Pinkie pie!

    Head on past the break to check it out!

  • YTPMV: Naieve Ponies / Sunshine and Rainbows

    And then Rarity was a clock!  It's not often we get cool visuals in our YTPMV's like that first one.  I for one welcome a new era of awesome.

    Check out both below!

  • Pizza Hut Posts Ponies

    One of you crazy pizza lovers out there decided to drop a "Ponies are AWesome" in the special instruction section,and this is the outcome. Pizza hut sent someone a pony. And to top it off, they posted it on their Facebook page with an audience of 8 million for the world to see!

    Has Pizza Hut ever had a mascot? I'll drop Pizza Pony for now while you guys go find it and ponify it!

    Also Pizza Pony is amazing, and any excuse to post her needs to be taken advantage of!

    Thanks to Tyler for the heads up.

  • Tabitha St. Germain interviewed on EFR

    You saw her for the first time at Comic Con, and now she is interviewed.   Check it out after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #393

    For as many Nightly Roundups we have, Luna sure doesn't seem to get a lot of header images. Well, let's change that a little bit shall we?

    News time guys! Check it out after the break.

  • Story Updates July 31st (Morning)

    All the ponies are ponies of the ponies in the ponies at the ponies and the alicorns.  Have some story updates!

  • Story: The Detective and the Magician (Update Compelte!)

    [Sad][Adventure][Crossover][Shipping] "Never before have I seen a crossover work so seemlessly, integrating the best elements of both worlds. Highly recommended." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Bad Horse
    Description: The museum curator thought Trixie was a harmless second-rate stage magician. Fetlock Holmes believed she was a master criminal, with the perfect plan to steal the Starry Night right out from under Arch-mage Sparkle's protective spells. But Trixie's true desire was beyond what either of them had anticipated.
    The Detective and the Magician (New Part 10-11!)

    Additional Tags: Sherlock Holmes romance self-loathing
  • Amy Keating Rogers Interviewed on Total Media Bridge!

    Amy Keating Rogers has landed another interview over on Total Media Bridge! In it, she goes through both Care Bears and Friendship is Magic.  We even get some favorite character and favorite episode! For some reason us brony interviewers are always afraid to ask that!

    Check it out here!

    Total Media Bridge sent us a thank you message to broadcast for all of you as well! Check that out after the break!