• Megapony, Episode 1 is Now Available!

    I'm sort of jumping up and down right now with excitement, because a game we previously told you about has made its first step toward completion. A playable version of Megapony is now available and awaiting your eager fingers to save Equestria from that wily villain Discord (see what I did there? Didja didja didja?)!

    The game is essentially in an open beta now, with three levels including Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash ready and waiting to take on your buster. While the game isn't perfect, the level design is bright and brilliant and beautiful, and has the sort of design sense you almost never see from amateur gaming projects. In short, this is something special and you should check it out and help make it more so. Check below the break for some screenshots and a video review done by yours truly, but before you do that, click here and download the game for yourself!