• Story Updates July 26th (Midnight)

    Fluttershy in goggles. 

    I don't care what you sock and sweater fans say, this is the best Fluttershy right here.

  • Trailers: My Little Predators // Pony of Steel // How to Train Your Baby Dragon

    This was the most action-packed image I could find in the thirty seconds I looked through my pony folder. I think it works alright.

    This hour we have a Predators trailer and a Man of Steel trailer. I'm going to pretend that the latter is referring to Iron Man so I can imagine Robert Downey Jr. fighting a Predator. If you want to judge me, do it over there.

    1) My Little Predators
    2) Pony of Steel
    3) How to Train Your Baby Dragon

  • Disney PMVs: Muppet Christmas Carol

    Some more Disney PMVs coming your way! This time we've got a little bit of Christmas in July for you in the form of some Muppet Christmas Carol PMVs. Mmm, winter sounds lovely considering how hot it has been this summer. Check out the links below!

    One More Sleep Til Christmas
    Marley and Marley
    When Love is Gone
    It Feels Like Christmas
    Christmas Scat
    Bless Us All
    Thankful Heart
  • National Pony Writing Month - August! (Update Email Address!)

    Remember that crazy event the pre-readers ran last year, similar to the annual National Writing Month, where everyone was tasked to write a novel sized story in just a month? ?  It looks like they have planned to start it up early this time!  Now you can join in the festivties and work your fingers down to the bone without colliding with the non-pony version.

    Have some Copy Paste after the break from Noble Cause. 
  • Canterlot Gardens Announces Daniel Ingram and Peter New!

    Canterlot Gardens is slowly gaining the entire cast, as is the norm for pony conventions these days! Both Daniel Ingram and Peter New have hopped on board.  Hopefully you guys cleared your Septembers up!  Head on down past the break for more information!

  • Comic: Happy Birthday Lauren

    You guys are slackin on the Lauren Faust content! Luckily we have Pixelkitties here to save the day.  Have a comic dedicated to our benevolent overlord!
  • 450 Dollar Official Pony Merch!

    Just in case you were desperately need of a way to confirm your pony love, a website called Onchmovement has some crazy expensive gold+diamond pony necklaces available.   According to the people on MLP arena, these are also completely official.  The company has created pony merch for Hasbro in the past.

    Lets just hope this isn't what they thought we were asking for when we were begging for higher quality show accurate toys! I know I can't drop that kind of money. 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!
  • Animation: Fallout Equestria Animated Opening

    I get so many Fallout Equestria submissions, we might as well turn it into a fully animated side series!

    Have an intro to something like that.

    And as a bonus, have some pony alert too!

  • Vocal Music: Give Em' Hay / Hay Ms Derpy [Acoustic Cover by Turquoise Splash]

    We have a new vocal original dedicated to one of those background Apple Family characters (because all ponies need love), plus a new version of Hay Ms. Derpy!  That's two hay puns in a single post. I'm afraid we might open a wormhole to Ponyville if we do anymore, and these poor equines probably wouldn't appreciate a flood hairless monkeys begging for their autographs.

    1.) ZANDER - Give Em' Hay
    2.) Hay Ms Derpy [Acoustic Cover by Turquoise Splash]

  • Comic: Scootaloo's New Pet / The Repairmare / Fire Safety

    I think we can sympathize with Scootaloo for what she did above. After all, how many of us could turn down keeping a tiny pony?

    Comic time folks. Click for full!

  • Vocal Music: The Same Rainbows / Cadence / Second Chances

    Tons of new vocal musicians popping up today! We have some rock, synth, and techno in this one.   Head on past the break to check them out!

    1.) The Same Rainbows
    2.) Cadence - New Original MLP Song!
    3.) Cyrricky - Second Chances feat. Lunaismostkawaii

  • Story: Dance!

    [Normal] [Slice of Life] "A simple tale of self-discovery that paints a convincing portrait of a long-awaited day." -Pre-Reader 13

    On The Moon
    Description: Scootaloo and her friends have long been crusading for their cutie marks, but after a long string of failures, Scootaloo is more desperate than ever. Desperate enough to try something as namby-pamby as - ugh - dancing. Will Scootaloo find that dancing's more fun than she expected, or will she end up once again covered in tree sap?


    Additional Tags: Scootaloo, the magic of dance!
  • Cadance Dress-up Game Available

    A few days we posted about a micro site that was still largely under construction (Including the alleged new character spoiler).  It looks like a few of the games are already available on the Hasbro.com my little pony site though!  This one is all about making Princess Cadance look as ridiculous as possible (or you can make her look good, I guess...) via multi color garments and GIANT HATS.

    Head on over to this page and click the "Rarity Wedding Dress Designer Game" to play!

    Thanks to everyone who sent this in! We weren't sure if we had posted it yet, but it looks like we didn't!

    Cadance just hit Level 30 in World of Warcraft
  • Pinkie Pie Scares Batman

    What now batman? Can you handle the Pink?
  • German MLP Comics: A Bright Idea

    Pinkie Pie lost her eyelids, applied body paint, and unicycled: The Comic.  These German MLP magazine people do what they can wth these severely limited vectors. Honestly its not bad all things considered!  I actually enjoyed this one despite some of the oddities.

    Head on past the break for the rest of the pages.  Thanks to Lord Previous for the translation!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #514

    Lauren Faust edition! I totally would have done a full drawfriend dedicated to her if we had only known.  At least we got this one from Willdrawforfood!

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Happy Birthday, Lauren Faust

    No long diatribe is needed to justify or explain this post- we all know why we're here in the first place, and it's because of the vision of one woman who dared to take a cartoon that was never destined for greatness and turn it into a cultural icon that can still teach us things to this day.

    Happy birthday, Lauren, from the staff of Equestria Daily!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #60

    A wallpaper compilation without one of our daily favorite ponies as a header?  I know, it's ridiculous.   A cloud oasis sounds amazing though, so it had to be done!

    Head on past the break for more actual ponies than is healthy to consume in one sitting.

  • Music: Birth of Luna and Celestia // Celestia // Colgate Brushie Song //

    Mixed music! It's like mixed drinks but less alcohol and more wubs.

    Today we have some Celestia and Luna, some more Celestia, and another remix of the Colgate Brushie song! I was into Colgate before she was cool, where are my hipster glasses?

    1) Original Music - Birth of Luna and Celestia
    2) Daemien - Celestia
    3) Rina-chan - Colgate Brushie Song (Inspector Brushie Remix)

  • Story Updates July 25th (Morning)

    I blame this game for the lateness of this post.

    Have some story updates!

  • Story: Do Not Serve These Ponies (Update Complete!)

    [Comedy] "An absurdly fun ride that had me grinning and laughing in all the right places." -Pre-reader that got hit by a toaster

    Author: Thanqol
    Description: Lyra knows the truth. Lyra knows that a shadowy conspiracy dating back to the very dawn of Equestria is responsible for manipulating every major event for the past two thousand years. And Lyra does not care how many museums she has to destroy or how many transdimensional rifts she has to open in her quest to inform the public.
    Do Not Serve These Ponies (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: Seriously, they are the worst
  • Nightly Roundup #387

    Gummy in a tub? Gummy in a tub. I actually took care of an alligator once when I was a caretaker for the biology department a few years back. Surprisingly enough they enjoy dried cat food as treats. Who would have known?

    Anyway, news time folks!