• Nightly Roundup #347

    Flootshai edition! One of these days, I should have one that is a screenshot of the roundup and then make it an edition edition.
  • Music: Through it All // Heart of a Dragon // IP - OF STEAM GEARS AND WINGS OUVERTURE //

    Instrumentals this hour! No vocals here. Nope.

    Got some Fluttershy, some fanfic music, and some more fanfic music! Geez guys, I don't get music for my fanfics. Ridiculous.

    1) Liquid Cobalt~ Through it All Ft. Fluttershy (THRE3STEP)
    2) Heart of a Dragon Theme

  • Story: Assassinate Princess Celestia! (Update Part 3!)


    Author: D. G. D. Davidson
    Description: For thousands of years, mules have used their mystical martial arts to protect the very ponies who despise them, but when the scandalous "Cakegate" photos reveal Princess Celestia for the confection-snarfing tyrant she truly is, the mules decide it's time for a regime change. It's time to assassinate Princess Celestia!
    Assassinate Princess Celestia! (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: action, intrigue, silliness, cake, mules
  • Simple PMV: FIM (Boooring - Assertive Fluttershy) / The Wild Hearts of Equestria / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Mashup / That Shameless Pony Video

    Twilight is on FIRE! Have some simple PMV's to put out the flames!   Assuming Simple PMV's are like water, I don't really know.

    1.) MLP: FIM (Boooring - Assertive Fluttershy) PMV
    2.) PMV: The Wild Hearts of Equestria
    3.) PMV - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Mashup
    4.) That Shameless Pony Video (A Mini PMV Compilation)

  • Ponychats / Equestria Daily Art Contest - Wonderbolts Month

    The admins over in our crazy little IRC chat channel over there on the side bar have decided to run a monthly art contest of it's own!  The #EquestriaDailyArt group will be gathering your submitted drawings monthly and voting on the winners for a chance at some really neat prizes that I'm sure a bunch of you would enjoy!

    And the topic this time around is: The Wonderbolts!  Click after the break for information on how you can enter!

  • Instrumental Music: Bad Trip / Above Cloudsdale - SoaringFlight (CommandSpry remix) / Wish Upon a Strum of Heartstrings

    I hear Lyra doesn't even know how to play the Lyre.  She has it recorded to play in the background at concerts.

    Have some instrumental music!

    1.) Bad Trip - Budding Friendships Music (Video Game)
    2.) Above Cloudsdale - SoaringFlight (CommandSpry remix) (Electronic)
    3.) [Seeds of Kindness] Wish Upon a Strum of Heartstrings (Rock)

  • The Brony Show #55

    A new Brony Show for you all! Check out the details below:

    The Brony Show 55 - Rina-Chan, Second try
    It's time for another great episode of The Brony Show and this time we are taking out all the stops! We start an hour early with a ponytabulous preshow. Listen to some awesome music and videos while Circuit acts silly for you again. Will it be another adventure of Detective Circuit, or will a different ponysona come out to keep you entertained.

    After that we'll be the show, and this time we're making sure Rina-chan shows up. We've ensured that Circuit will not scare her away by distracting him with Twilight dolls and soundboards.We start with the awesome news that's all around Equestria, and then interview Rina-chan, the incredible fanvoice of Twilight. She'll be talking about the incredible Los Angeles convention she's working on building up! Hopefully we can keep Circuit distracted enough so he doesn't try to get a personalized Twilight ringtone. Then after that we'll be going over all the awesome PMV's that stood out to us and enjoying random brony fun that you should be keeping up with for the summer.

    And if that's not enough, Crimson the Wolf comes in for our Oatmeal Galore After Party. Who knows what insanity the afterparty will bring! 

    Just remember all of this awesome starts at our normal showtime at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST. Just jump on to http://thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow and get ready to party with Circuit, D-Pad, and our crazy panel of random bronies! Also if you want to be part of the brony panel we always welcome newcomers. Just email us at bronyshow@gmail.com and ask for a spot! All you need is skype and a love of ponies!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #474

    Poor Cheerilee...  It must be  a pain living as an earth pony.  There are some things I would never want to taste.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Comic: Evil Joke / Catastrophe at the Corner / Unfair Advantage

    The comics just keep coming in today. Check above for some Chrysalis as she encounters some poison joke while down below we have some more Twilight actually like her silly self.

    Click for full!

  • Vocal Music: Too Many Heads

    H8_Seed and General Mumble team up for one final song before H8 heads out for a few months, and I doubt it's any kind of surprise that it's awesome.

    He also has an album out to commemorate the occasion with proceeds going toward his mother while he is gone.  If you have ever listened to one of his songs in the past, go buy it! It's name your price, so you can literally pay what you think it's worth!

    Anyway, check this one out after the break.

  • Plushie Compilation #65

    Been awhile since we had a Rainbow Dash edition. Better give her some time in the spotlight before the poor girl goes crazy.

    Plushie time once again. Check out the haul after the break.

    Source 1

  • Story Updates June 11th (Afternoon)

    So many story updates.  My copy paste keys are starting to wear out!

  • Comic: Book Fortress / About the Double Bass / One Day Luna

    Oh Twilight, you and your books. Why do you have to be so cute?

    Before I die from cuteness overload, have some comics! Click for full as always.

  • Story: Somepony to Lean On


    Author: Cupcakes Nom
    Description: When Pinkie Pie disappears overnight with a mysterious gem, Twilight Sparkle will do anything in her power to find Pinkie and bring her back safe. But can Twilight find her in time, or will Pinkie's disappearance put everypony in Equestria in terrible danger?
    Somepony to Lean On

    Additional Tags: We all need some pony
  • Vocal Music: Homework Blues / Because I'm Shy / Honestly

    Jazz, Electronic, and Countryish! It's vocal time. Check them out below!

    1.) Homework Blues - Sprocket (feat. YourEnigma) - Pony Jazz
    2.) Because I'm Shy (Original Song) {Fluttershy}
    3.) Honestly [Caine the Doombringer]

  • Golden Sun: The Elements of Harmony

    I loved Golden Sun back in the Gameboy Advanced days.  Never could get into the DS one for some reason though, and I completely forget why.   I do miss the old "overworld" style RPG's.  Something about flying around in an airship and exploring random islands only to find monsters 300 levels higher than me and getting clobbered is just fun.

    But I digress, have some Golden Sun with ponies after the break!

  • Story: Above the Clouds (Update Part 3!)

    [Shipping][Normal-Slice of Life]

    Author: Lynked
    Description: Rainbow Dash has finally been accepted into the Wonderbolts. But something's amiss... perhaps it is the fact that the Wonderbolts are falling from fame, or perhaps it's something deeper that is causing them to act so strange.
    What isn't Spitfire telling her?
    And how is Fluttershy taking this?
    Above the Clouds (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: DashFire, FlutterDash, Rivalry, Best Ship
  • Michelle Creber Needs YOU To Vote for her CD Title!

    Michelle Creber (Aka Applebloom) has been working non-stop on her upcoming album, with the ambitious goal of covering a whole pile of the top hit tracks throughout the last 100 years.  She needs a title though, and she wants the brony armada to help decide on one!

    Head on over to the survey page and toss your two cents into the mix!  Participants will receive 300 free apples in the mail 560 years from now, and an immediate +20 cool points, courtesy of Rainbow Daring Dash.
    Do it.
  • Nightly Roundup #346 - Bare Bones Edition!

    This roundup... It's lacking something! I can't quite put my finger on it.  Anyway, have a bunch of podcasts, meetups, and ebay links!

    And Lyra to make up for it.