• Celestia Radio 60-hour Reques-a-thon Finale

    The final run for the 60 hour Celestia Radio event is now! For those that haven't joined in, you have until 4AM on Monday to catch a glimpse of it. so far they have raised 2500 for Tara Strong's Kiki's Cancer Fund, and hope to hit 3000 by the end.

    Head on over to Ponify.me for the details.
  • Story: Order and Chaos (Update Complete!)

    [Grimdark] [Comedy]

    Author: psychicscubadiver
    Description: Night and day. Fire and ice. Creation and destruction. Everything has an opposite, and Chaos is no exception. Princess Celestia tells Twilight the true history of Discord's rise, the Alicorns' fall, and the creation of the Elements of Harmony. She tells her student the story of Order and Chaos.
    Order and Chaos (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Harmony is found in balance
  • PMV's and Trailers: Holding Hooves / Rainbow Unchained / My little Space: Friendship is dead

    We have a PMV, and two trailers for you all tonight.  I wonder which one will be scooped up by X celebrity or X movie company?

    1.) [PMV] Holding Hooves RMX
    2.) Rainbow Unchained
    3.) My little Space: Friendship is dead

  • Ponycraft Tech Demo

    We have kart racing, fighting, point and click adventures, platformers, and RPG's all on the horizon.  It's time to add another to the list! someone is working on a pony Real Time Strategy game.  Right now it's in its most basic form, with placeholder rmodels and simple texture backgrounds just to show off the engine, but I can see a pony RTS being pretty huge later on!

    Check out the tech demo after the break.

  • How E3 Should Have Gone

    Video after the break!

  • Comic: Trixie Vs. Berry Punch / Derpinstantial Evidence / Physics with Pinkie Pie

    Trixie gets smashed, Derpy is ridiculous, and Pinkie Pie does that physics thing.  It's comic time! Click for full as always. 

  • Fighting is Magic - All you ever needed to know about Applejack

    Remember that bite sized update idea? Well, Mane 6 kinda went all out on this one.  They have dedicated the entire thing to Ponyville's #1 apple farmer,  including a huge amount of concept art.  It's really impressive to see how much work goes into a single character!

    Anyway, I'll stop blabbering. Go hit up the Mane 6 website for more information and piles of images detailing the various poses and attacks  they used to build her inside the actual game.

    And thanks to their art team for the banner! Applejack needs more love here on EQD. 
  • Wallpaper Compilation #56

    We haven't derped in a while, so have a Derpy wallpaper in celebration!

    We have a whole pile this time around.  Hope you guys have windows 7 or something that rotates desktop backgrounds!

    (And then derpy derped anyway)

  • Vocal Music: Her Name / Don't Let Me Down

    Vocal music you say? Why, we have two new ones right here for you! The first is electronic, the second is rock.  Find them both below!

    1.) Her Name - Taps (Part of upcoming album)
    2.) Vafrous Coyote befriends DerpyGrooves - Don't Let Me Down

  • Story Updates June 10th (Evening)

    We have six story updates for you all this afternoon! Check them out below!
  • Deadmau5 Kind of Exits the Herd, Andrew W.K. Enters in his Stead!

    The other day, we posted an image of Deadmau5 at an Ireland concert with a Fluttershy shirt. He has since responded to the massive flood of pony questions over on his Twitter page. Looks like he was screwing with everyone! It was to be expected though, even if he is now claiming to be a pony.

    Anyone want to draw a pony mau?

    And in other news, popular Metal musician Andrew W.K. seen here drinking gasoline (Andrew is a trained professional gasonline drinker, do not try this at home kids!), recently dropped a Pinkie Pie post on his Facebook Wall.

    We lose some, we gain some. I like both genres of music equally anyway!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #473

    Belly rubs? Belly rubs.

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
  • Bronycon: The Documentary is The Second Most Funded Film on Kickstarter


    It's over.

    That's how much money was allocated to fund the documentary being produced by Michael Brockhoff, John de Lancie, Lauren Faust, and Tara Strong. With the Kickstarter officially over, the film has become the second-most funded film in Kickstarter's history. There were a total of 2,621 backers on Kickstarter alone, with more contributing via Paypal who were not counted in the official total.

    Agree with it or not, this thing is happening.

  • Music Albums: Word Life / Clipitty Clop / A Little Shy

    These crazy musicians just keep bustin out albums! I'm going to have to open up a music store soon!

    We have three for you today from three people I'm sure you have heard at least one song each from.  Koroshi-Ya, Psychedelic Brony, and Derpidety's albums can be found by clicking their art links. 

  • Story: Stories of a Warden (Update Part 23!)


    Author: Rosencranz
    Description: A magic obsessed pegasus finds himself in over his head after being assigned to a cartological expedition to distant islands. Armed with only his knowledge of an obscure branch of magic, and tenuous relationships with his coworkers, he must survive in a hostile tropical jungle."
    Stories of a Warden (New Part 23!)

    Additional Tags: Mildly sad, Bildungsroman, Long, OCs
  • Music Vocal/Remix: Hush Now Quiet Now for Choir (Revised) / This Day Aria (&I Remix) / Luna's Guilt

    We have two remixes and a Vocal Luna Rock song this time around. Check them out below. Also, these two are cute together. 

    1.) Hush Now Quiet Now for Choir (Revised)
    2.) This Day Aria (&I Remix)
    3.) RestrainedMadness - Luna's Guilt

  • Random Merch: Sunglasses, Bandages, and Magazines

    Sunglasses you say? And adult size at that? I wonder why it took so long.  These can be found once again at Hot Topic for $12.50.  It looks like they are absorbing all kinds of pony merch now days.  Now they need to release the types that let you look at eclipses and stuff, because I totally missed that Venus thing due to lack of equipment.   Thanks to Brian for these.

    And in the second slot, Wired Magazine released another article involving pony in their June edition (Did we post this one? I can't remember). You can find a scan of it above!  Thanks to Sean for that.

    And below, all you injured people finally have something to turn to when you are bleeding all over the place (note: EQD does not condone using bandages alone if you are bleeding all over the place).  Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and more will be there to help seal your wounds. (note: EQD does not condone the use of bandages alone for sealing wounds)  Thanks to Holly for these!

    And in the final spot, we have a few things that came out of a french pony magazine for June/July, including some Applejack Earrings.  Find those below and after the break!  Thanks to Astaen for the scans!

  • Top 10 Pony Videos of May

    The Movie Brony has released his top 10 community voted videos of May over on the usual Youtube Page. The best pony of all obviously won this one, but  those that are curious about the other nine can find the video after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #345

    I am hoping for more Twilight Sparkle freaking out in season 3 personally.  These are always my favorite episodes.

    Have some nightly roundup stuff!

  • Story Updates June 10th (Morning)

    10 story updates!  Hope you cleared your schedule and prepped to read!