• Nightly Roundup #321

    Watercolor Vinyl Scratch edition because I loves me some watercolors.

    Especially short roundup tonight.
  • Equestria Inquirer #38

    Time for the next issue of the equestria Inquirer! Check out the embed after the break, and the PDF Version here!
    There’s something different about this week’s episode of the Equestria Inquirer. Sure, all of the usual stuff is in there: Joe gives an update on the Chinese/Equestrian peace talks, and TechRat discusses two ways in which Ponyville faces certain destruction, but something is not right. What could it be? Could it be the new segment from LttMoose? Could it be the surprise guest appearance by DustyKatt? No, there’s something else. Something odd. Something unnatural. Something..... backwards. We’re not going to tell you what it is. See if you can spot it for yourself. It’s subtle....very subtle. Good luck finding it! - TechRat

  • YTPMV:Chaos / I Ran Out of Ponies / Sweet Dreams of Lyra

    We haven't had a YTPMV post in a while.  This one has actually been in draft for a week! You guys need to bust more of these out! Have some below.

    1.) Chaos
    2.) YTPMV: I Ran Out of Ponies [500 Subscriber Milestone]
    3.) Sweet Dreams of Lyra

  • John de Lancie Brony Documentary Reaches Goal!

    Well, that didn't take long. We posted about the new Kickstarter page for a Brony documentary being led by John de Lancie just a couple days ago and apparently it has already reached its goal! You guys truly are powerhouses when it comes to funding these projects, eh?

    Still, even though the project is funded, they have made an update you can read here that states what extra money above the goal of the project could mean for the documentary. Check it out it's worth a read!
  • Comic: Bravo Vs Ponyville 3 / The Monkey / Final Fantasy 7 Opening with Ponies

    Comic time! We have more Johnny Bravo in Equestria, Lyra being creepy as hell, and a complete ponification of the Final Fantasy 7 opening sequence.  Click for full as always!

  • Poll Results: What Location Do You Want to See In Season 3?

    I'll be honest guys, I was pullin for Tartarus.  A ponified Vegas sounds pretty awesome though! Who knows what we will see in season 3?

    Feel free to toss your 2cents down below the break, or hit up any we missed.  This poll was for locations that have been mentioned, but never visited, in the show.  We might toss a "places/settings you want to see" out eventually, but I would have to gather some ideas on that one!
  • Random Merch: Activity Books, Birthday Cards Belts and More.

    Time for a whole pile of random merch stuff!  We have magazines, shirts, birthday cards, belts, and more.  Check it all out after the break!

    Thanks to Mrdisasterpeice for the birthday card images above.

  • The Mare-Do-Well Rainbow Dash Adventures

    Not a whole lot coming in today, but we did get this really neat rendition of an old Bat Man opening ponified! He even created a comparison video to show off exactly what was modified.  Check out both below!

  • Bronyville Episode 54

    The 54th installment Bronyville has been released! Find it below!

    And for everyone else, Discuss Trixie learning magic.
    Dear Princess Celestia,
    Hey you, me again. I’m mailing along our latest episode to you. Sandyface wasn’t able to make the show but Cereal Velocity from Equestria Daily filled his spot. Our Guest was Amanda, a web researcher at KnowYourMeme.com and we have a roundtable about the fandoms perceptions, various memes, and eventually fully convert her to the herd! She was willing too! Anyway, give it a listen as it’s a fun one!

    Apple Cider

    Episode Page
    Show Notes
  • Tara Strong Announces First Winner of the Kiki's Treatment Fund

    As many of you have already picked up from our recent post on the subject, Tara Strong is currently holding a charity raffle for a girl named Kiki, who is currently suffering from a brain tumor and in need of assistance.

    The first winner of the raffle has been announced.  Some lucky brony named Haymaker gets his very own signed Twilightlicious shirt!  She is currently looking for the person, so tweet her if you are the one that used that name for the charity. 

    The raffles are still continuing on.  If you would like to join, hit up the donation page!
  • Music: Rarity Likes Straws (AgileDash Remix) / Love Is In Bloom - Piano and orchestra / Don't Fear the Forest (Zecora)

    We have a mixture of music types this time around. Have a remix of a fan song, a remix of Love is in Bloom Piano style, and a vocal track below!

    1.) AgileDash Befriends Stablefree - Rarity Likes Straws (AgileDash Remix)
    2.) Love Is In Bloom - Piano and orchestra arrangement by DannyBrony
    3.) Zonak & LyokoFreaks - "Don't Fear the Forest (Zecora)"

  • Belly Bro's and Care Dudes Axed

    Some of you may have run into a certain Carebear article on Cartoon Brew the other day.  An over excited Hub PR rep wanted to make it the next brony phenomenon, and the guys in comments didn't seem to agree with that one! This was the press release for it:
    Hey Amid-
    What’s the Care Bears equivalent of a Brony? Belly-Bros? Care-Dudes? “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot” premieres this June on The Hub TV Network and features the same re-imagined CG animation and spirit of friendship and caring that made shows like “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” a cult hit.
    “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot” is a modernized, CGI-animated version of the classic animated cartoon, which hits its 30th anniversary this year! Re-imagined in the same vein as the Hub’s other hit television shows, everyone’s favorite bears and their iconic Belly Badges have been transformed with today’s technology into a series that kids and families can enjoy together. I’d love to see if you’d be interested in featuring the bears for the series launch this June.
    I have art and clips available and can also do email interviews with Executive Producer Sarah Finn, our director and voice talent. Let me know if this interests you and I can send over some more details!
    [PR flack]
    I'm going to give the show a shot, but I don't know if I'd ever want to be called a Belly Bro.  After the  fallout in comments, it looks like someone else from The Hub came in to clean up the mess:
    Hi Amid,
    Last night I came across your story on Cartoon Brew titled “The Hub Hopes Men Will Start Calling Themselves “Belly Bros” and “Care Dudes.” In response, I wanted to let you know that this was an unapproved and unsanctioned pitch by our PR agency that we are completely taken aback by. Both The Hub TV Network nor American Greetings Properties had any knowledge of the pitch angle. It is not our intention to compare Care Bears to My Little Pony and/or the Brony community.
    All the best,
    Crystal Williams
    Manager, Communications & Publicity
    The Hub
    But hey! Who knows? Maybe it will blow us all out of the water like Friendship is Magic did?  I know my initial reaction to pony was completely negative, but here I am spending ALL HOURS on it.  I'm pretty open minded these days. 

    During the Royal Wedding event, I did talk to someone about this show.  He mentioned that Care Bears was a bit younger on the humor, and urged me to check out Littlest Pet Shop instead when that arrived.  Apparently it will be rolling with some sit-com style humor that they are all really excited to share with us. It's going to be hard to beat the success of FiM, hell I don't think any network will be able to clobber that one yet, but after this fandom, I'm willing to give anything a chance. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #428

    Tumblr edition, because half my bookmarks are pony tumblrs these days.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Story Updates May 16th (Evening)

    Story update time! Just five in this one.  Find them below.

  • Comic: What if Rarity? / Cookie Monster / Pokershy

    Hey guys! It's been a little while since a comic post of my own. I swear, writing papers is so distracting. Anyhow, got a mix of comics for you all today so check them out above and below.

    Click for full as usual!

  • PMV: Up in the Sky / Somepony That I Used to Know

    Two PMV's of the same song!? How did that happen? I guess they get to battle it out for supremacy.

    Check them out below!

    1.) [PMV] Up in the Sky
    2.) Somepony That I Used to Know (PMV)
    3.) [pmv] ~ somepony that I used to know ~ 2,000+ subscribers ♥

  • Comic: Sugar Games / I'm Late for My Day /A Hoof in the Boot

    There are so many uses for a unicorn horn.  I never even considered the possibilities.  Have some comics!

  • Music Remix: Aviators - Love is in Bloom Remix (Feat. Yelling At Cats and Hmage) / B.B.B.F.F. - Full Cover by MandoPony

    I heard you guys liked songs from the finale! Have two more remixes with all sorts of neat little bonuses.

    1.) Aviators - Love is in Bloom Remix (Feat. Yelling At Cats and Hmage)
    2.) B.B.B.F.F. - Full Cover by MandoPony

  • Story Updates May 16th (Morning)

    Late night story update time! Lots in this one. Find them all below.

  • Story: Crying in a Bottle (Update Complete!)

    [Normal][Sad-Slightly] The Great and Sad Trixie!  This is a long one, the only thing missing from "complete" is an epilogue. Also skimmed so.. You are all pre-readers today!

    Author: Zeeth Kyrah
    Description: In the village of Wellshod, a day and a
    third's travel from the burgeoning Ponyville, there is a general store
    and a tavern, and that's about it. Someone who was once "Great and
    Powerful" has been watering her salt lick with tears...
    Crying in a Bottle (All links)

    Crying in a Bottle (All links)

    Additional Tags: angst, storms, performances, grieving, inner transformation